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In this article, you'll learn which Smart Alerts you can set up and how to get the most out of them. If you're looking for information on how to set up and edit an alert, check out our article on how to Create and Edit Smart Alerts.

Smart Alerts provide you with a flexible, all-in-one tool to set up reports or notifications about changes or certain events from any section of the product.

Use Smart Alerts to:

  • Get all the necessary information in a convenient way in your channel of choice (email, Slack, Telegram)
  • Monitor all essential metrics and events in one place
  • Set your own KPIs to get only the most vital information.

Smart Alerts are available for iOS and Google Play apps. You can set up an alert for a regular app, but not for a Competitor App.

App Featured 

App Featured alerts are available only for the App Store. Console integrations are not required.

Get notified when an app is featured. Being included in the app collections or on the App of the Day card is every developer’s dream. Don’t miss that day! You can set up the alert for specific countries or Workspaces. 

App Updates

Available for the App Store and Google Play. Console integrations are not required.

Track the changes made to the app to analyze the events that influenced app performance. Filter by country and update type:

  • Title
  • Description and Short Description
  • Graphics (icon, screenshots, videos)
  • Price and in-app purchases
  • Developer name
  • URL
  • Version

Total Rating Change

Available for the App Store and Google Play. Console integration is required.

Keep an eye on changes in total ratings. A decrease in ratings can significantly impact your conversion rate, so keeping your fingers on the pulse is crucial. 

You can set up filters based on the number of user ratings and a threshold for rating changes.

Downloads & Revenues Summary

Available for the App Store and Google Play. Console integration is required.

Use this key sales metrics summary report to track how successfully your apps are performing in the stores. React quickly and adapt your business strategy based on the changes you see. 

Use the country filter to set up different reports based on the locales you want to track.

New Reviews Spike

Available for the App Store and Google Play. Console integrations are not required.

Receive notifications when new reviews that meet the criteria you set pass a specified threshold. Available filters:

  • Language
  • Rating
  • Review length
  • Tags

Set up an alert to notify you when you receive a high number of negative reviews in a short timeframe. You'll know right away when you need all hands on deck to deal with an influx of negative user reviews.

Reviews Transfer

Receive reviews that meet your custom rules to a source of your choice. Available filters:

  • Language
  • Rating
  • Featured reviews
  • Rating change

To reply to reviews directly from Slack, make sure to set up the Slack Reply Bot.

New Review Tags

Use this alert to receive a notification whenever a specific tag or set of tags is added to a review.

Set up Auto-tags to automate the tagging process, and then receive updates about new tags through this alert.

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