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Apply the Reply filter on the Reply to Reviews page to find reviews without a reply, waiting for approval, or with an outdated reply. Support agents can easily find reviews that need their attention by applying the filter. 

Available Statuses

Statuses change automatically when you receive a new review, when you post a reply to a review, and when a user updates their review. To change the status manually, click on the current status, and select a new status.

  • With Reply : reviews that have a published reply.
  • No Reply : reviews without reply.
  • With Auto-reply: reviews with the auto-replies.
  • Outdated: reviews updated by the user since the last reply.
  • Pending Approval : reviews that have replies in "Pending Approval" mode.
    Replies in Pending Approval can be approved and posted by users with the Admin, User, or Support Manager role.
    Pending Approval replies can be added:
    - By Users with the Read-Only role
    - Through auto-replies set to the "Pending Approval" mode
  • Error: reviews with replies that weren't published due to an error. 

When applying the Reply filter, it is possible to filter reviews with any of the statuses selected or all of them.

Publishing Status

AppFollow sends replies to the stores via the Reviews & Replies integration. Posting a reply goes through the following phases:

  • Processing: the reply is on its way to the store. 
  • Replied: the reply is published, it is available in the store.
  • Error: there was an error in sending the reply. In this case, the reply is saved in our database and when the error is fixed, it can be republished.
    When you see replies with an error, check the status of the integration.

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