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If you come across some difficulties with the Google Play Console integrations, please check the basic troubleshooting steps below. You'll find more detailed troubleshooting guides in the Troubleshooting section of our help center.

If you see a specific error, use our help center search to find a related article.

Permissions Settings

Account Permissions and App Access 

If you have trouble with setting up the Google Play integration, first of all, please check the permissions and app access settings of the Google Developer account.

The Google Developer account should have the correct permission settings in order to set up the integrations.

  • For the Reply to Reviews integration, the Google developer account should have the "View app information" and "Reply to reviews" permissions.
  • For the ASO Report integration, you should grant the ‘View app information’ permission for the account. This account needs to have read-only access to the app.
  • For the Sales Report integration, the Google developer account should have "View app information" and "View financial data" permissions.

Manage Permissions

If you don't have the required permissions granted for your Google Developer account, you can ask the Google Developer account owner or another user with the appropriate access level to provide the permissions for you. 

Permissions are managed from Google Developer account -> Settings -> Users & permissions section:


In some cases, you may need to first find out who the account owner is.

If you have access to the list of users in Google Play, you'll see an indication of who the owner is in this list. Here's how to find them:

  1. In the Google Play Console, open the Users and Permissions page.
  2. You'll see a table with all of the users of the account.
  3. In the far-right column of the table, each user has a blue arrow icon that leads you to their permission settings.
  4. Scroll until you find the user without an arrow icon. This is the account owner.


App Access

The Google developer account that is used for the integration settings should have access to the app. The owner of the Google Developer account can grant global or per-app access to users before setting up permissions:

  • Global: Global access applies to all apps in the developer account.
  • Per-app: Per-app access only applies to the selected app.

If everything looks okay but the integration still ​isn't configuring, please try in incognito/private browsing mode as well.

Troubleshooting an Existing Google Play Integration

You can check the status of the integration on the Integrations page. To check if the integration is working, click on Actions -> Check Status. If the integration is highlighted in red and the integration status is ‘Error’, it means that this integration needs to be reset. The details of the error are available when you hover your mouse over the error icon.

Invalid Credentials Integration Status

If the status of the integration on the Integrations page shows an "Invalid credentials" error, this means that the connection with the Google Play console needs to be reset. To resolve this error, please remove the integration with the error and set up a new one. Find the instructions on setting up the required integration here: Google Play Console.

If your integration disconnects about once a week, this can be linked to your Consent Screen settings in the Google Play Console. When the Consent Screen is set to the "Testing" publication mode, the refresh token expires every 7 days, and when that happens, it causes our integration to disconnect.
To fix this:

  1. In Google Play, open the Consent Screen for the project where you configured your OAuth client.
  2. Change the Publishing Status to "In Production".

After that, set up the integration as usual. The new tokens will continue working without disconnecting every week.

Before setting up an integration, please make sure the Google Play Console Terms of Service have been accepted. The terms should be accepted from the specific account that you use to set up the integration.

Replies Are Not Published

Reply to Reviews API Quota Reached

AppFollow allows you to reply to customer reviews from the Google Play Store. However, Google Play limits the volumes of reviews that can be published daily -  500 replies per day. Learn how to increase Google Play limits when replying to reviews.

The Reply Text is Too Long

The reply text for a review in Google Play has a limit of 350 symbols. Make sure your reply is within this limit.

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