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Choose between 2 methods of publishing Auto-replies, depending on whether you want to approve the response before posting or not.

Approval mode

In Approval Mode, Auto-replies receive the "Pending approval" status before being published. This allows you to revise and edit the reply if necessary before posting it to the store. 

Find and publish pending replies on the Reply to Reviews page:

  1. Open the Reply to Reviews page from the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Switch to the app where you want to publish a reply.
  3. Click "+Add Filters".
  4. Select "Reply" -> "Pending approval" and click "Apply".
  5. Review the reply and post it.

Auto-posting mode

With the Auto-posting option, all Auto-replies are published to the store without any pre-moderation. 

All rules with Auto-posting mode will be marked with the ⚡ symbol:

Make sure you have set up the reply rules correctly before choosing this mode!

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