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Integration with App Store Connect allows replying to your iOS and macOS app reviews, improving app visibility, increasing downloads, and optimizing overall app performance.

There are different types of integration. We recommend a Full-access integration to access all features.

To ensure flawless and secure operation of the integration, you need to invite the AppFollow subaccount to App Store Connect. It allows us to access the app data and send replies to the store via the API. The access is regulated by the App Store Connect user permissions

How to set up 

You need to be an Account Holder, Admin, or App Manager in App Store Connect to invite users.

    1. In AppFollow, click on the Integrations icon on the left-hand panel.
    2. Click on the "Integrations" link to open the page.
    3. Select your iOS/macOS app from the dropdown menu above.
    4. Click “+Link account” underneath "App Store Connect".

    5. Go to App Store Connect → Users and Access and hit the blue ➕ button at the top of the user list to invite us:


    6. Enter the following details:
        • First name: AppFollow
        • Last name: Connect
        • Email: find it in the setup window in AppFollow or contact Support
    7. Set these roles to access all features (more about sets of roles and access here):
      • Customer Support
      • Marketing
      • Finance (Sales and Access to reports should be selected automatically)

    8. Select access to "All apps", click “Invite”, and return to the setup window in AppFollow.
    9. Make sure you've invited the correct email and tick the "I've invited user to App Store Connect account" checkbox.
    10. Hit “Add integration”.

We process integration requests within 1-3 business days. If we're unable to process it (e.g. we didn't receive the invitation; the set of roles is incorrect; etc.), we will reach out via email with further instructions.

Integration Types and Permissions

There are different types of integration with App Store Connect. Each one requires granting the AppFollow subaccount a certain set of roles and permissions. To get access to all available AppFollow features and tools for your app, we recommend setting up a Full-access integration. Available integration types and required sets of roles: 

Integration Type

Required App Store Connect Roles

Full-access (recommended) — required for all AppFollow features Customer SupportMarketing + Finance (Sales and Access to Reports should be included automatically)
Reply to Reviews (Reviews & Replies) — required to use the Reply to reviews feature Customer Support 
ASO Report — required to use ASO features (Channels Analytics; Organic Dashboard; Keyword Intelligence, etc.) Marketing + Finance
(Sales and Access to Reports should be included automatically)

Please make sure to provide the exact sets of roles that are specified for the integration type you need. If a role is missing, we will be unable to finish the setup process on our end. 


How often are reviews collected from the App Store?

We collect reviews 4 times a day without integration and every hour with an active App Store integration. 

Why are my replies from AppFollow not shown on the App Store?

The replies are moderated by the App Store, which can take up to 12 hours (in some cases up to 3 days). Once the replies are moderated, you will be able to see them on the App Store.

Why are some reviews missing or collected with a delay in AppFollow?

All new app reviews are moderated by the App Store before they become publicly available. The moderation normally takes up to 12 hours (in some cases up to 3 days). We collect the reviews as soon as they're moderated. Note: the review date is when the user left the review and not when it was moderated. If today you see a new review dated yesterday – this is because it was pending moderation.

Do I need to send a new invite every time a new app needs the integration to be connected?

Let's say you already have the App Store connected for one of the apps and you add another app to your AppFollow account that needs the integration too. In this case, if all apps are sharing the same App Store Connect account, you don't need to send a new invite to our current Apple ID. You may use the same Apple ID which is already invited, just make sure it has an access to the new app.
Submit the "Connecting your account" form from the "Integrations" page in AppFollow or contact our support directly to finish the connection. 


If you encounter a problem with this integration, please contact our Support team.


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