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Welcome to the brand new AppFollow Reply to Reviews page! We're thrilled you've decided to give it a go. This guide contains an overview of the changes we've implemented.

We hope you enjoy it, and we can't wait to hear your feedback!


The current live version of the Reply Reviews page was created in 2015, and we realized that it's time for a change. The new version is updated with the latest features and improvements to improve your workflow. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Support for new future review sources: Adding new sources on the new page will be a breeze.
  2. Faster and more stable primary AppFollow page: We've been hard at work optimizing the loading speed of our page, and we're proud to say that we've decreased it from 10-20 seconds to just 0.5 seconds for large apps.
  3. Improved UX based on customer feedback: We've listened closely to every piece of feedback and have made dozens of improvements to the filtering and overall review management experience.

Major Changes

⭐ Quick Filters

We’ve worked tirelessly to make significant improvements to the filtering system. We understand that you rely heavily on this feature, so we've implemented several changes to make it even more helpful.

A significant and transformative update we've implemented is the integration of Quick Filters on the right side of the page. We've meticulously designed these filters, drawing from extensive research, to confidently meet your requirements and provide an efficient, highly relevant user experience. With Quick filters, you can easily filter by Period, Rating, Country (or Language for Android apps), Reply availability, and Searching by text and Tag.

In addition, we've revamped the logic of the filtering system. All filters are applied only after you've clicked the Apply button, dramatically improving page loading speed. And if you need additional filters, you can simply add them with the click of a button.

⭐ Preset manager

This update will revolutionize the way you manage reviews. We understand that time is precious, so we have added Presets options to make review management even easier for you.

With Presets, you can save your favorite combination of filters for quick and instant access. Whether your goal is to track all featured reviews for the last month, marked with the Bug tag, or to cover all the updated reviews, Presets has got you covered:

Our studies have shown that using only five presets can save you up to three hours per month, freeing up valuable time to focus on the most important business tasks. In addition, our increased page loading speed will further enhance your productivity. Creating new presets available only for Owner, Admin, Senior support manager, and Support manager roles.

Presets are not shared between workspaces.

⭐ Require attention reviews

We have introduced the "Require Attention Reviews" preset, a carefully curated list of featured reviews that every customer will receive alongside the "All reviews" preset.

By showcasing these reviews as the first thing potential customers see when visiting your app's page, you have the opportunity to make a powerful first impression and demonstrate your unwavering commitment to customer feedback and experience.

Responding promptly and effectively to these reviews is critical to building and sustaining your app's online reputation.

It will also lead to a significant increase in your app's conversion rate to downloads. By showing potential customers that you take their feedback seriously and are actively working to improve their experience, you will generate more downloads and experience exponential revenue growth.

Other updates

This update includes exciting new features and a complete redesign to meet the latest modern design standards. Our team left no stone unturned, ensuring that every pixel of the page is optimized for a sleek and professional look.

But that's not all, we also ensured that you would have a seamless transition to the new page by keeping all the logic intact. We understand the importance of consistency and ease-of-use for you, and we have worked tirelessly to deliver on these promises.

⭐ Review card

We have successfully simplified and decluttered the card by relocating all side review information to the right side. This has resulted in a cleaner and more straightforward design, placing the spotlight on the review itself:

Reply field remains intact, with our popular template suggestions still conveniently placed above the field:

The updated reply = new reply. AppFollow doesn't update them.

It is also a new reply from the App Store standpoint, as updating a reply uses the same request as creating a new one.

If the review was updated since the last reply, you will notice it by this yellow outline:

Any other review statuses are supported as well and behave exactly as on the previous page. Just faster.

A very important thing changed: filters were previously (on the old page) using the "OR" logic when several parameters in one field were selected (for example, reviews with replies or with no reply, as a result, both will show), filters now use the "AND" logic (giving 0 reviews as a result of with reply & no reply, since they are contradictory).


In summary, the Reply to Reviews 2.0 product release brings a wealth of improvements and cutting-edge features to enhance your review management experience. With the introduction of Quick Filters, the innovative Preset Manager, and the "Require Attention Reviews" preset, managing and responding to reviews has never been more efficient or user-friendly.

In addition to these updates, we've overhauled the overall design and page loading speed, ensuring a sleek, modern look and feel. With customer feedback at the forefront of these developments, our goal is to empower you to make a lasting impression on potential customers while saving time and boosting productivity.

Experience the transformative power of Reply to Reviews 2.0 and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. We eagerly await your feedback as we continue to innovate and enhance our product offerings!

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