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Monitoring apps in different countries allows you to keep track of updates and all new reviews worldwide. You can choose specific countries in your Workspace settings or switch to "Worldwide" to ensure you don't miss any locations.

How to change Workspace Country

To edit your Workspace country settings, click on the gear⚙️ icon on the upper left.

Available Workspace settings:

  • Workspace name – rename your workspace whatever fits you best.
  • Select countries to monitor app reviews, ranks, keywords, etc – choose specific countries or keep "Worldwide" to see reviews on the "Reply to reviews" page from all countries where the app is available. These settings will also affect the helpdesk, email, and messenger integrations.
  • Select default country – this country will be selected on your app's page in "My apps" by default.
  • Select default language – this will affect which language the app's metadata is displayed in the "My apps" section (i.e. app descriptions, release notes, etc.) and email reports.
  • Number of replies – limit how many replies can be sent from this workspace monthly. More information: Workspace Reply Limits

If you feel like some data is missing (i.e. you see fewer reviews in AppFollow compared to the store or console), make sure you selected "Worldwide" in the settings above. If you select a specific country, data from other countries will not be shown in AppFollow.

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