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The Slack and Telegram reply bots allow you to create alerts and work with your reviews directly from your messenger of choice. In this article, we'll go over the process of configuring the bots through the Slack and Telegram channels. To learn more about setting up and configuring alerts, refer to the following articles:

Slack Reply Bot

Before you start, make sure you have connected your AppFollow and Slack accounts:

  1. During step 3 of the Alert setup process, click “Add to Slack”.
  2. You will be redirected to a Slack page where you need to select your Slack workspace.
  3. Enter your email and password from the workspace and click “Sign in”.
  4.  Choose the Slack channel where you will get the selected notifications.
  5. Click “Authorize”.

When the Slack integration is active, proceed to the next steps:

  1. Add the AppFollow Slack Bot app to your Slack account from the Slack app marketplace.
  2. Make sure @appfollow_review_upda is in the channel where you receive your reviews.
  3. When you receive a review in Slack, the Reply to Review button is now displayed under the notification.
  4. Click on the "Reply" button on a review message to add a reply.

Telegram Reply Bot

  1. Create a new Telegram chat where you will receive your app's reviews. We recommend creating a separate group specifically for replying to reviews instead of using an existing group. This will ensure that an unintended reply is not sent to an end-user.
  2. Open the chat settings -> Edit -> Administrators (you should have admin rights to do this).
  3. Add @appfollow_reply_bot to Administrators.
    Note: Bot is required for the alert to work properly. If you want to comment on something inside the Telegram group instead of replying - please make sure you do not have a Reply to Reviews integration in the AppFollow workspace where you have this alert. Without the Reply to Reviews integration, there will not be a Reply button and you will be able to use the text field just for your internal purposes.
  4.  Type /start, and you will get the Chat ID. The Chat ID may start with the symbol '-', which you should also copy. For example, if you have the Chat id: -123456789 you need to copy all of the symbols. This is the Chat ID you need to enter when configuring the integration in AppFollow.
  5. You're done! If you need to go back and find the Chat ID at any point, click "Start" (or type /start) to get the Chat ID.


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