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If you receive spammy, offensive, or inappropriate reviews, you can ask the store to remove them by reporting such reviews directly from AppFollow with help of our Report a Concern feature. The store will review your report, and you'll be able to keep track of your report statuses in AppFollow. 

Automate the concern submission process with our Auto-reply feature.

Set up for Google Play apps

Please follow our guide on adding the "Report a concern" integration for your Android app. This integration will allow you to report concerns from the AppFollow interface and using Zendesk App. Make sure to invite as a user to the Google Play Developer account and grant it "Reply to Reviews" permissions.

Set up for App Store apps

To use the Report a Concern feature, your iOS app should have an active Reply to reviews (Reviews & Replies) integration with the App Store. Keep in mind that only team members with "Admin" or "User" roles can add integrations to your AppFollow account. More information: User Roles and Permissions.

Report a Concern feature is currently available for the App Store and Google Play apps only.

How to report a concern

  1. Open the Reply to reviews page.
  2. Select a review and click Report.
  3. For the iOS app, you need to choose a reason for the report and add a description. For the Android app, no details are required.
  4. Click 'Report'.

How to use with Zendesk App

If you are an active user of the Zendesk App, you can easily report spam and offensive reviews directly in Zendesk. First, make sure to set up a Zendesk App integration. Learn more in our Zendesk App Guide.

For iOS apps: 

  1. Add the app to your Zendesk account.
  2. Go to your AppFollow account and select the Zendesk Workspace (it is created automatically).
  3. Add integration with your App Store Connect account. Keep in mind that only team members with "Admin" or "User" roles can add integrations to your AppFollow account. More information: User Roles and Permissions.
  4. All done – now you can report an inappropriate review for your iOS app via the Zendesk App ;)

For Android apps: 

  1. Add the app to your Zendesk App. 
  2. Log in to your AppFollow account and go to the Zendesk Workspace
  3. Choose your Android app and open the "Report a concern" tab. 
  4. Send an invitation to and enter your Account ID.
  5. Congratulations - you are now set to report reviews directly from Zendesk App. 

App stores may block reports if you submit too many per day. Unfortunately, they don't disclose the exact limits. Therefore, we have set a daily limit of 15 reports per app from AppFollow. In case you report more, we will put them on hold (the "Pending" status) and submit the next day.

Follow the Statuses of Your Reports

You may filter the reported reviews by the status of the concern on the Reply to reviews page. 
On this page, we have the Republished review concern status which means there was a concern created via AppFollow, and it was satisfied by the store, but the review from that author appeared again.


Use the Agent Performance tab to follow and analyze the statuses of your reports. The page shows the number of Reviews reported which is the number of concerns reported during a selected period.

Previously, this data was visible in the Replies Chart section, which has been removed as it didn't support clear and accurate data as we wished to provide to our clients. For that reason, we have migrated all the replies and concerns data to the Agent Performance page, which is more reliable and has better accuracy of data. Please follow this article to know more about the Agent Performance page.

Further below on the Agent Performance page, you can see a chart which shows a Summary of the Statuses breakdown. On this chart, the following statuses are available:

  • Pending - the number of concerns on hold (in queue) in AppFollow.
  • Error - the number of concerns which were not possible to process due to the error.
  • Submitted - the number of concerns that were reported to the store.
  • Declined - the number of reports that were reviewed and declined by the store (available for Google Play only).
  • Satisfied - the number of reviews removed by the store after they were reported. 
  • Deleted - the number of reports that were deleted due to review updates (user updated their review).


We update the statuses according to the rules below:

  1. Every day for 14 days after you reported it.
  2. If there are no changes, we update the status again on the 21st day.
  3. We make a final attempt on the 30th day after you reported concern from AppFollow. 

You can also find the "Distribution" chart, which shows you the reports distributed by dates within the range specified. Once you hover over a specific date, it will show you a breakdown of the statuses for that date:

You'll see reports submitted through AppFollow. If you reported a concern directly from the console, its status will be unavailable in AppFollow.

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