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Getting started

  • What is ASO and how to get started with it? 

ASO, or App Store Optimization, is a set of actions aiming to make a mobile app or mobile game more discoverable in the app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store.

You may consider AppFollow to help you with such ASO activities as:

- analysis of your competitors’ keywords and ASO strategies;

- improving your keywords and making your app more visible in the store;

- monitoring of your app metrics by traffic channel, time period and location with a help of ASO analysis;

- working with the reviews and replies.

Here’s the guide to get started with ASO for your app. 

If you'd like to outsource this work, you may request the ASO Consulting services from here.

  • Which stores the Keywords & ASO is supported for?

The Keywords & ASO is available for the apps published in App Store and Google Play.

Working with keywords

  • How is Popularity calculated?

To calculate the popularity score we take into account more than 25 parameters. Among them, the most important factor is the store suggests and app’s position there. More information about popularity score is available here.

  • How do you come up with the suggestion for keywords on the Keywords Research page?

Keyword Live Ranking page shows suggested keywords from the stores. Once a user starts typing a search request, the store will provide several popular keyword suggestions. The most popular request will pop up on the top of the suggests list. The same suggestions are available by click on the Keyword ideas on the Keyword Tracking page.

  • Why are there some keywords added once I have added an app to my workspace?

Once you have added your first app to the workspace, our algorithm automatically adds around 50 keywords for this app. This allows you to start working on optimization straight away! To learn more about tools to create semantic core for your app, please check out this article

  • How do you come up with the suggested keywords for my app?

To start working with keywords for the app you may add the most relevant keywords just by click on the Suggested Keywords button. This selection is made based on the keywords for the app in our database considering filters.

  • Which keywords an app is indexed by?  

To investigate suitable keywords for your app you may use the Missing keywords tool on the Keyword Tracking page. It shows relevant keywords for your app grouped by popularity: from Top-1 to Top-100.

To check the keywords of your competitors, you may also use the Keyword Spy. This tool allows identifying keywords your competitors are indexed by even without adding the app to the workspace. You may also add the app of the competitor to your workspace and add the keywords to monitor using the Missing keywords.

  • Why some keywords in the list are grayed out? What does it mean?

If some keywords are grey, it means that the app isn't ranking for these keywords. Or the ranking is less than TOP-100.

  • Can I see all keywords suitable for my app on one page?

AppFollow provides a variety of tools for the keywords research. To monitor app positions by keywords, first, you need to add keywords into your workspace. It is possible to add keywords by platform (iOS & Android), device (iPhone & iPad) and by country. The list of keywords added to the workspace is available on the Keyword Tracking

  • How do the Keywords count in my account?

Each keyword for the store and country is counted as 1 keyword. The same keyword may have a different rank in different countries. So the data is collected individually for each keyword - that takes resources.

  • How to translate keywords for better localization?

1. Go to Keywords & ASO tool;

2. Add all related keywords to your app or search for them with Keyword Research tool;

3. Click Translation ON with our new Keyword Auto-translation tool;

4. See what foreign keywords mean and if you should use them.

More on keywords auto-translation tool is available here.

  • How is the visibility score calculated?

For the organic visibility score we count only keywords and visibility of the app by them. The more relevant keywords with high popularity and ranks the app could be found, the higher the score will be.

Downloads / Installs

  • Can I check the number of downloads for the apps of my competitors?

The number of downloads is confidential information that stores don’t provide for the public. We show the data on downloads only for the apps which have integration with the stores set up. In this case, the data is collected from the developer’s account and available only for you and members of your team in AppFollow account.

It is possible to set integration with App Store / Google Play and get the data on downloads on the ASO Analytics page. Here is the article on the ASO report and what data is available there.

Other ASO related questions

  • How do you count ASO requests?

Each subscription plan includes a certain number of ASO & API requests available daily. 

ASO requests include the following search queries:

- Keyword Live Ranking - suggest results (keywords) and search results (apps)

- Search Ads Recommendations

- Word counter page

- ASO requests via API

  • Can I get a free consultancy on the ASO related questions by your experts?

You are welcome to join our ASO Slack channel:
Our ASO experts will advise you regarding your question directly from there.

  • Does AppFollow provide data on CSL of competitors in Google Play and CPP in the App Store? With an ASO consultation, can we do this?

It's not possible to get data on CSL and CPP. Even with an ASO consultation, we can’t find this data.

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