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Automating tasks within support workflows is crucial for efficiency. AppFollow offers powerful automation features: Auto-tags and Auto-replies. By utilizing these tools, support teams can save time and ensure timely responses to customer reviews.


Manual tagging of reviews can be time-consuming. With Auto-tags, you can automate this process based on predefined conditions. Here's how to set it up

  • Access Auto-tags: Go to the Automation hub section and click on "+Add a new rule".
  • Define Conditions: Choose conditions that will trigger tag assignment.
  • Select Tag: Choose the tag to be assigned when conditions are met.
  • Save Rule: Save the rule, and it will be automatically applied to new and relevant reviews.

These Auto-tag rules run every 5 minutes, ensuring reviews are promptly tagged. Additionally, if you have a Zendesk App integration, applied Auto-tags are sent to Zendesk tickets.


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Replying to numerous reviews manually can be tedious. Auto-replies allow you to instantly respond to reviews that meet specific criteria. Here's how to set it up

  • Prepare Reply Templates: Create a set of Reply Templates for Auto-replies.
  • Access Auto-replies: Go to the Automation hub section and click on "+Add a new rule".
  • Define Conditions: Specify conditions that must be met for the rule to apply.
  • Select Action: Choose the action to be taken when conditions are met, such as replying with a specific template or reporting a concern.
  • Set Priority and Publication Mode: Prioritize the rule and choose between Approval or Auto-posting modes.
  • Save Rule: Save the rule to apply it to relevant reviews.

Auto-replies run every 10 minutes, ensuring timely responses. Users with roles like Admin, User, or Support Manager can create Auto-reply rules. How to change Roles?


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Advanced Auto-reply Actions

Reply With a Template: Send a predefined template as a reply.

Reply With a Random Template from a Folder: Enhance diversity by sending random templates from a specified folder.

Automatically Report a Concern: Report inappropriate or offensive reviews automatically.

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Report a concern

If you receive spammy, offensive, or inappropriate reviews, you can ask the store to remove them by reporting such reviews directly from AppFollow with the help of our Report a Concern Automation feature.

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For your convenience, we also added presets cheat sheets, and guides available on the Automation hub page.

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