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Phrase Analysis lists the most popular words and phrases your customers write about in reviews. This page shows trending topics, the sentiment of reviews with certain words, and it allows the team to keep an eye on possible problems as they arise. This analysis is a great help when you're setting up automated replies for reviews.

💡To check the phrases and words for an app, add it to your Favorite Apps. 



The Reviews Analysis section is a table with a list of words and phrases. You can use filters by app, date range, and language to select the reviews for analysis. For example, to get started, pick an app, time period, country, and review ratings. 


At the top of the table, you can select the "Show only critical" option. When switched on, you’ll see words and phrases for reviews with:

  • Average review rating less than 4 stars
  • Sentiment score is less than 60%
  • Descending trend


Words/Phrases List

The Words/phrases list is a table containing words, average reviews rating, sentiment, overall reviews, semantic tags, and trends.


This column has several tabs and you can switch between 1 word, 2 words, 3 words, or 4 words for analysis.

To see the reviews that include this word, simply hover over a word and click View reviews button. 


You will be directed to the Reply to Reviews page with the reviews filtered by the phrase. 

The View reviews option is now available only for 1 word. We will add this option for 2, 3, 4 words phrases soon!

Average Rating

The Average Rating is the rating of reviews that contains certain words or phrases.

For example, if in September the app had ten 5-star reviews with the words "great app", the average rating for the phrase “great app” will be 5.00.


Sentiment shows the breakdown of reviews with certain words by rating and Sentiment Score. The score shows the app's overall user satisfaction score and is calculated based on the correlation between positive and negative reviews. 

Overall Reviews

The number of reviews with certain words in the overall number of reviews for the app, and the percentage of such reviews.

Semantic Tags

Up to three semantic tags which are most frequently assigned to reviews with certain phrases. 

The Semantic tags are provided only if the Semantic Analysis feature is enabled for the account. If you need to get access to this part of the table, please reach out to your account manager.


Shows the main tendency of the average rating dynamic for reviews with certain phrases. The ascending trend is shown in green and descending in red. 



The Wordcloud feature in AppFollow visualizes the most frequently used words in app reviews, providing a visual and interactive representation that helps users quickly identify key topics and sentiments.


This feature is integrated into the Phrase Analysis. You can easily generate screenshots of the Wordcloud for inclusion in your reports.


  • Quickly identify and visualize the most frequently mentioned words in app reviews.
  • Easy way to create compelling, visual reports for your management.
  • Simplify the process of detecting popular keywords for auto-tags and auto-replies.

User Stories

  • As a product manager, I want to visualize the most used words in app reviews to identify key topics and trends quickly.
  • As a customer support manager, I want to generate visual reports with Wordcloud to present to upper management, making the data more engaging and easier to understand.
  • As a user, I want the Wordcloud to be color-coded by sentiment, so I can quickly see the overall mood of the reviews.


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