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If you don't receive reviews as tickets in your Zendesk account, can't send replies, or are having trouble setting up the integration, this article will guide you through the most common errors and troubleshooting steps for the Zendesk App Integration.

If you receive a specific error message, you can search this page for the error text by pressing Ctrl + F (Windows) or Cmd + F (Mac).

Installing the Zendesk App 

Error: "Failed to install app: Error creating requirements"

If you try to install the Zendesk application for the second time, you will receive the error "Failed to install app: Error creating requirements":

In this case, instead of installing the AppFollow Zendesk App from the Zendesk Marketplace, please open the Channel Integration settings in Zendesk to add a new app. If the error persists, please remove and re-install the Zendesk app.

Error: "App doesn't exist"

If you see the error "App doesn't exist" when adding an app, please make sure you've copied the App URL correctly. Make sure the app with this URL exists in the store. To check whether this app exists, please open the link directly in your browser, in a different browser, or in the incognito mode of your current browser.


If the issue persists, please share a screenshot of the error and the URL you're pasting into the App URL field with our Support team. 

Reviews Are Not Sent to Zendesk

The Zendesk App Integration is Inactive

The Zendesk App should be set up from your Zendesk account. Once the integration is connected, you will see a new AppFollow workspace called "Zendesk". This workspace is created automatically and you can check the status of the integrations with Zendesk there.

To check if the integration is active or has an error, navigate to the Integrations List page in the Zendesk workspace. The connected integrations are listed with an overview of the selected integration options selected (integration type, frequency, the date when the integration was added).

The "Status" column should say "Active". If the integration is inactive:

  1. Open the Channel Integrations section in your Zendesk account.
  2. Select the AppFollow channel.
  3. Check that the required accounts are active. If you have any inactive accounts, you'll see them under the "Inactive" tab.
  4. You can reactivate them, delete them, or create a brand-new account. This will create a new integration in your Zendesk workspace in AppFollow.

Workspace Settings

In your AppFollow workspace settings, you can limit the countries from which we collect reviews. If your Zendesk workspace is set to a single country or has several individually selected countries, only reviews from those countries are processed and sent to Zendesk.


Check the county settings for the Zendesk workspace if you see that some reviews are missing.

Missing Reviews

If you see that some reviews are available in the store console and/or public app page, but these reviews are unavailable in your Zendesk account, please check the Reply to Reviews page in your AppFollow account. 

If the reviews are unavailable in your AppFollow account, please check your workspace country settings.

If the reviews are available in AppFollow but haven't been sent to Zendesk, make sure filters for the Zendesk integration are set correctly. 

Available Zendesk App integration filters:

    • Stars – receive reviews with a specific amount of stars
    • Languages – receive reviews in certain languages
    • Words – filter reviews by those that contain more or less than three words
    • Auto-translate – automatically translate reviews to the specified language
    • Import history* – import up to 100 reviews without replies for the last 30 days
    • Featured reviews only – receive only reviews that were featured
    • Disable tags – disable Auto-tags in incoming review tickets
    • Became worse only – receive only reviews where the star rating decreased
    • Became better only – receive only reviews where the star rating increased
    • Updated reviews only – receive updated reviews only.

Some of these filters limit the number of reviews you receive, so double-check which one you need before checking all of the boxes. If you need to receive all new reviews, just tick star filters for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars. 

If you want to receive all reviews - do not select any of these filters, otherwise, you are saying that you want a review that, became better and worse and featured all at the same exact time.

Issues with Posting Replies

Error: "Service message from AppFollow: [Critical] Missing App Store Connect Integration. Please complete integration for your app or contact AppFollow support manager."

If you have added Zendesk App for your app but receive a service message when you try to post a reply, it means you need to connect the App Store Connect Integration for your app. The service message looks like this:

Error: "Service message from AppFollow: Reply text is too long"

Another service message that you may receive notifies you that the "Reply text is too long". It means that your reply text is too long according to Google Play Store rules. Just make sure your reply is not longer than 350 characters, then the error will disappear.

Error: "Service message from AppFollow: This reply isn't posted in the store as your monthly reply limit is reached."

Every AppFollow plan has a reply limit, which is the number of replies you can publish from the AppFollow interface or via any integration. If you see a service message that the reply limit has been reached, it means you have reached the limits of your AppFollow account. Please reach out to your account manager or our Support team to extend the account limit. We will resend your replies as soon as the limits are extended.

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