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Review tickets created through the Zendesk App include several default AppFollow tags to provide you with more information about a review. Since Zendesk is a very flexible platform, you can use these tags to your advantage and create Zendesk triggers, views, or automation. If needed, you can even use these tags to remove the tags. Read on to learn how to create some Zendesk magic. 🪄

Learn more about the available tags in our article on Tags in the Zendesk App.

Create Views

You can apply tags as filters and save them in the Zendesk Views tab. Views are used to organize your tickets by grouping them according to your needs.

To set up a new Zendesk View:

  1. In. Zendesk, click on the gear icon in the left-hand navigation panel. 
  2. Under the "Manage" section, click "Views".
  3. Click “Add View”.
  4. Enter a title for the new View.
  5. Select the condition Tags -> Contains at least one of the following and specify the tag value(s) you want to track.
  6. Click “Create View” to save the changes.


Your saved Views are displayed in the left-hand menu.

Create Triggers

In our example, we'll be creating a Zendesk trigger that will remove all the current tags and replace them with a new tag – "reviews".

  1. Click on the gear icon in the left-hand navigation menu in Zendesk.
  2. Open the "Triggers" page.
    Note: If you haven't created triggers before, make sure to check in with your Zendesk administrator to see whether you have any special trigger creation guidelines.
  3. Click on "Add new trigger".
  4. Add an informative name and description.
  5. In the "Conditions" section, click "Add" under Meet ALL the following conditions.
  6. Select Ticket -> Is Created.
  7. Select Tags -> Contains at least one of the following -> appfollow
  8. In the "Actions" section, click "Add".
  9. Select Set tags -> review

"Set tags" is not the same as "Add tags". The Set tags action removes all existing tags and replaces them with the ones in your business rule actions. The Add tags action allows you to add one or more tags to the existing tags that are already assigned to your ticket.

All set! You can further customize triggers by using other default AppFollow tags.

Trigger Ideas

In the previous section, we created a trigger to remove the default app tags. However, you can use the tags to your advantage. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Use the "app-store" or "google-play" tags to create separate triggers for iOS and Android reviews, and make the action add store-specific tags instead.
  • Set different ticket types or priority levels based on AppFollow tags.
  • Set different priority levels based on the review rating tag.


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