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Add a personal touch to your Reply Templates and Auto-replies with the help of Template Variables. When you add a variable to a template, your response will automatically include the review poster’s username.

This is a premium feature. For more details, contact your account manager or Customer Support.

Template Variables are applied when you use:

  • Specific templates on the Reply to Reviews page
  • Auto-replies to reply with a specific or random template
  • Bulk Actions to reply with a specific or random template

Use Template Variables together with the Auto-reply Random Templates feature to get the most out of our automation tools while keeping even the most common responses personal and unique.

Add a Variable to a Template

It’s possible to add Template Variables to new or existing templates. For more information on how to create and edit templates, check out our Reply Templates article.

To add a Template Variable:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, open the "Templates List" section.
  2. To create a new template, click "+ Add New" in the top right corner of the view.
  3. To edit an existing template, click on the pencil icon next to the name of the Template.
  4. In the Template Text field, find the location where you want to add the Variable.
  5. Type "/" to bring up the variables menu and select "Username".
    💡 Idea: Add the variable to your greeting: "Hi, \USERNAME\!"
  6. If needed, finish editing your Template Text.
  7. Click "Save".

The average length of a username is 13 characters. If a username is longer than 30 characters, it will automatically be truncated when a Template is used (the last 3 symbols will be replaced with "...") – this helps keep your replies within the store’s maximum character limits.

You can include multiple Variables in the same Template.

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