Keyword Effectiveness Index

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In AppFollow, you'll find a variety of metrics to help you evaluate and optimize your ASO strategy. In this article, you'll learn about the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

Keyword Effectiveness Index

The Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) serves as a relative indicator that shows the potential of a keyword for a specific app. It is a mathematical calculation to consider if it is worth trying to rank for a particular keyword or keyword phrase by weighing up its popularity versus how much competition there is for it. In simpler words, if you see that the keyword effectiveness is high (more than 20), it's worth including it in your app name or subtitle. 

To calculate the Keyword Effectiveness Index, we evaluate:

We combine the data to evaluate how well the keyword can perform specifically for the app you're looking at. A high Keyword Effectiveness Index flags the keyword's potential for high rankings that will bring your app more traffic.

We ensure the provision of real-time metrics for effectiveness without retaining historical data. Whether you access this information via API or Watch, the presented effectiveness metrics remain consistent across various timeframes, always reflecting the most current results.

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