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Use the Keyword Spy tab to identify which keywords take the highest ranking positions and play a significant role in bringing an app more downloads. With the help of this tool, you can analyze your competitors' keywords and get new ideas for optimizing your own strategy. In this article, you'll learn about the different sections of the Keyword Spy tab.

To get started, click on the Keywords&ASO in the left-hand navigation menu and select ASO tools. Keyword Spy is under the second tab:


You can start using this page by selecting an app and, optionally, configuring the filters:

  • Country
  • Popularity: high, medium, low
  • Keyword: enter a keyword to see only the results that contain your query


The Summary section shows the app's main keyword stats. In addition, you'll see how many ranked keywords there are, the app's Search Visibility Score, and how the keywords are distributed between ranking positions.


In the Summary section, the Ranked Keywords doesn't include the low popular keywords (popularity is 5). Unpopular keywords are not shown in the Ranking section below as well. Still you may find these keywords from the Missing Keywords on the Keyword Tracking page.

Top Downloads

Top Downloads are available with an active Keyword Intelligence feature. To get access to this feature, reach out to your account manager or our Support team.

In this section, you'll see which keywords bring the most downloads for the selected app. Each keyword bubble shows you the percentage of downloads it brings, as well as its Popularity Score.

If you aren't tracking a keyword yet, you can click on the plus ("+") sign next to the keyword to add it to your workspace.



This section groups keywords by their ranking buckets:

  • Top-1
  • Top-5
  • Top-10
  • Top-50

Rankings are grouped by position. If a keyword has a Top-1 position, it means that your app is displayed in the first position whenever an app store user searches for this keyword. When a keyword is in the Top-5, the app shows up between the 2nd and 5th positions in the search results.

Inside each ranking bucket, we sort keywords by their popularity. High-volume keywords are most popular, and low-volume keywords are least popular.


When you hover your cursor over a keyword, you'll see an eye icon. Press this icon to bring up the Keyword Live Ranking module and see the search results for this keyword in real-time. Keyword_Spy_Anastasia_Rybalko_AppFollow_2021-07-21_at_9.25.14_PM.jpg

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