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Google Play Beta Reviews is our paid feature. To check if it's included in your plan, please reach out to your account manager or our Customer Care Team before following this guide.

What Are Beta Reviews?

Beta reviews help app developers get in touch with their users and improve mobile apps and games before the actual release. Google Play allows Android developers to launch closed tests before the release, and it is possible to work with Beta reviews in AppFollow. Get them in the AppFollow interface, via Slack, email, or your help desk system.

Reply to Beta reviews just as you would reply to a regular review. Beta feedback and your replies aren't visible to other users in Google Play and won't affect your rating and conversion rate.

The app has to be publicly released and available in Google Play search. If the app is not released yet, we can't connect the collection of feedback for the beta version.

In case you'd like to collect historical Beta reviews (made in the past), please reach out to our Customer Care Team and make sure to specify the date range, so we could ask our Dev Team to gather them for you.

We currently do not offer support for iOS Beta Reviews, and we do not have any immediate plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

Receive Beta Reviews in AppFollow

  1. Make sure that your app has an active internal or closed test. If you aren't sure, please refer to the Google Play Tests article.
  2. Invite AppFollow as a new user (email: with read-only access to your Google Play Console.
  3. You can choose to receive Beta reviews via email, Slack, or your help desk system. To do this, set up an appropriate integration.
  4. Contact our Support Team as soon as you’ve invited the AppFollow email as a new user and set up any additional integrations.
  5. Once we accept the invitation, Beta reviews will become available in AppFollow. To see the list of Beta reviews, please apply the following filters: Visibility → Beta.


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