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Integration AppFollow with Intercom helps you keep track of customers' satisfaction by monitoring and replying to mobile app reviews. Reply to positive and negative reviews and get higher conversion rate and more app downloads.

Use AppFollow to get every user review and send a response from Intercom.

Set up the integration with Intercom

1. Open Integrations on the left menu and click "Add new integration".

2. Choose Intercom and click “Add integration”.

3. Type an email that is connected to your Intercom account. To find it, go to your Intercom account and click on your avatar in the lower left-hand corner.

4. Click Settings > Outbound > Email forwarding.

5. Copy the default inbound address in the format:

6. Paste it into the “Intercom Email” text field in AppFollow account.

7. Choose which reviews you want to receive: all, featured, only negative or positive ones (mark the number of stars) or import history.

8. Click “Add integration”.

The next new review you will get into your Intercom account and it will look like that. 

If you can’t access your Settings to find the default inbound address, you need to get the permission "Can access Messenger settings":

Add auto-translation feature to get new reviews in your language.

You will receive reviews with:

- the app store a review came from

- featured reviews

- full name of a device (for Google Play only)

- a country or a device language (for those cases when language of a review doesn’t match language of a device)

- counted words in a review.

Reply to Reviews

If you want to reply to reviews using Intercom, set up these integrations first:

Reply via API

Alternatively you can use AppFollow API to receive reviews and reply to them. We have a list of ready-to-use methods for that.

Edit replies in Intercom

To update/edit an existing reply in Intercom, simply send another reply to the existing conversation/email thread with the review in question. The latest reply will be sent to the store and replace the previous one. 


The most common reasons are:

  • Reply is longer than 350 characters. This is the limit set by Google Play for Android-reviews. For App Store maximum reply length is 5000 characters;
  • Settings issue, for example, password changed in App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect). You need to delete the integration with the store and install a new one. Then you'll be able to reply again.

This is a paid option. Free tier included in every plan allows you to reply to 100 reviews per month.

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