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Connect Microsoft Teams to your AppFollow account to get reviews directly from all app stores into Teams channels.

Set up the Microsoft Teams Integration

1. Open the Integration List page in your AppFollow account and select the app.

2. Choose the Microsoft Teams integration from the list and click "+Add Integration". To connect Microsoft Teams, you need to enter the Webhook URL. 

3. To find the Webhook URL: go to -> Team and choose the channel where you want to receive an app’s reviews.

4. Click the three dots sign near the channel and click “Connectors”.

5. Scroll down to Webhook or type “Webhook” in the search field. Click “Add”.

6. Type name, select image (optional), then click “Create”.

7. Copy the Webhook URL and click “Done”.

8. Go back to the AppFollow Integrations List  and paste the URL into the Webhook URL field in the integration settings pop-up window.

9. Configure the integration options, languages, and stars.

Integration options:

  • Only Featured – receive alerts only about featured reviews
  • Became better – receive alerts about reviews that were updated to a higher rating (for example, from 3 to 5 stars)
  • Became worse – receive alerts about reviews that were updated to a lower rating (for example, from 5 to 3 stars)
  • Import History – receive the latest 100 reviews, regardless of the time frame

Select languages:

  • Select languages from the drop-down menu to receive notifications only about reviews in certain languages
  • Select "All languages" to receive reviews in any language

Select stars:

  • Select star ratings to receive notifications about reviews with specific ratings

10. Click "Add integration".

As soon as you've set up the integration, you will start getting new and updated app reviews to the Microsoft Teams channel. 

Reply to Reviews

Replying to reviews directly from Microsoft Teams option is no longer available. If you need this option, please leave a feature request for our Product team


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