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Managing app reviews across multiple countries is essential for tailored responses from specific teams or support agents. For iOS reviews on the App Store, utilizing the "Country" filter is common practice, while Android (Google Play) reviews were managed using a language filter by default. But we have changed the game!

Google Play Countries in the Developer Console

With the specific Service account integration of Google Play Reply to Reviews, app reviews are collected directly from the Google Play Developer Console. Since the Developer Console offers a "Country" filter, AppFollow is addressing this challenge by developing a method to accurately gather country-specific review data. 

Our new method ensures that country-specific filters now provide reliable information for targeted review management. This enhancement facilitates more efficient sorting and grouping of reviews based on the reviewer's country.

Google Play Countries in the Public Source

Google Play does not publicly display country-specific review data. However, at AppFollow, we've developed a new method to retrieve this information for our users. With this enhancement, country information for Google Play reviews is now accessible in various places, including the review feed, filter options, exports, tags chart, semantic analysis, email integrations, and API responses.


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