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At AppFollow, we found a way to get country-specific Google Play reviews info for you. Just follow the steps below.

How to Enable the Feature

To get started, please invite our special email address to your Google Play Console with the required permissions.

  1. Log in to your Google Play Console
  2. Go to Users and Permissions
  3. Click Invite User
  4. Add
  5. Give the necessary permissions (Account Permissions -> App access -> View apps).

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After inviting us, please reach out to our Sales Team as this feature is only available on a special tariff plan.

Store Connect

Do not worry about the next steps, we’ll handle the rest of the setup process on our end. 

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Country info for Google Play reviews will be available on various pages & features:

  • Reply to review page: Country displayed on review feed
  • Reply to review page: Filter by country for Google Play apps
  • Reply to review page: Country added to exports (Excel, CSV files)
  • Tags Chart: Filter by country
  • Semantic Analysis: Filter by country
  • Email integrations
  • API

How do we display countries in AppFollow

Reply to Review Page

  • Country info on the review feed
  • Country filter available


If you don't see this feature or if you're not connected, you'll get a message letting you know on required actions:

Semantic Analysis & Tags chart

You will be able to filter the data by country on Semantic analysis and Tags chart pages.





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