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Our Ratings Summary reports can help you keep track of your app rating changes on a daily basis. We send this report once a day to the channel of your choice (Slack, Telegram, or Email). The report includes a summary of your app's current rating and how it changed compared to the day before. The report is sent even if there have been no changes to the rating.
Here's an example of what this report may look like:


Set Up a Ratings Summary Report

Reports are generated at 8:30 AM according to your time zone. Weekly reports are generated on Mondays.

    1. Navigate to the "Alerts & integrations" section in the navigation menu on the left.
    2. Click "Regular reports".
    3. Choose the "Rating report" option.


    4. Select the app, choose "Rating summary", and click "Save". 


    5. If necessary, configure the rules and conditions (e.g. receive reports for a specific country), and click "Save". If you leave rules blank, workspace settings will be applied to the alert.


    6. Pick the channel you want to receive the reports to (Slack, Telegram, or Email), select periodicity (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly), and click "Save".


    7. Give your report a name and click "Create report". 


    8. Done! You can now see your report on the list, and: 

      1) Edit/Duplicate/Remove it.
      2) See when it was last sent.
      3) Toggle it on and off.
      4) See what kinds of reports are currently available and which ones are coming soon.
      5) Request your own type of report – we monitor all feature requests and fulfill the best ideas. The more votes a request has – the more chances we'll roll it out.


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