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The Automation Performance page analyzes and provides reports on the effectiveness of your review management automation strategy.

You can learn about your main automation KPIs (submitted auto-replies and concerns) and the most frequently used rules, set goals, and get ideas on improvements by estimating the overall Automation score.

The page uses the default Timezone of your AppFollow account that can be managed from the Settings page.



Filters are applied to the automation rules that match the selected conditions. 

For the analysis you can: 

  1. Select a time period.
  2. Select a language (or languages) of the reviews.

    This is the language detected by AppFollow. 

  3. Select apps. 
  4. Select workspaces where the automation was used.

Automation Stats - KPI Section

The section shows the main metrics to estimate the effectiveness of the automation process.

The number of auto-replies created by the selected filters (posted and pending). 


The overall number of Concerns Reported. 


The number of concerns satisfied.


The rate of the replies created by automation to the overall number of replies. 


Auto-replies Submitted Chart

Auto-replies Submitted has two tabs: Overview and By Rules.

Overview shows the number of auto-replies by Published and Pending statuses.


By Rules shows the number of auto-replies made by the most popular rules.



Automation Summary

The Automation Summary section contains a pie chart with the shares of the most popular auto-reply rules and a table with metrics.

Overview shows the metrics by all auto-reply rules.

Available metrics:

  • Rule - the rule name.

  • Replies Submitted - the number of submitted replies by the rule.

  • Pending Approval - the number of replies in pending status by the rule.

  • Last run - the date of the last time the rule was applied.

  • Reply/Rule share - the share of replies by the rule in the total number of the automated replies.

  • Replies per day - the average number of replies submitted by the rule every day.

Report a Concern
shows the metrics by all Report a Concern rules.


Available metrics:

  • Concerns - the type of the concern (Offensive, Spam, No sense).

  • Reported - the total number of reports submitted.

  • Reviews Deleted/Concerns Satisfied - the number of satisfied concerns.

  • Declined - the number of concerns declined by store (the review was not deleted and still available in the store).

  • Approval Rate - the rate of the Reviews Deleted/Concerns Satisfied to Concerns Reported.

  • Last Run - the date the rule was applied for the last time.

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