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Our integration with Freshdesk allows promoting your mobile app by talking to your users directly from Freshdesk. Reply to reviews, work with negative feedback, and eventually solve customers' issues. Use AppFollow to get every user review and send a response from Freshdesk.

This is a premium feature. To get access, talk to your personal account manager or contact our Support Team.

How to set up

Watch the video tutorial above or follow the steps below to add integration with Freshdesk:
  1. Open the Integrations page and select an app.
  2. Search for "Freshdesk" below and click “+Add integration”.
  3. Type in your Freshdesk email to receive the reviews.
    To find your email, go to your FreshdeskAdminSupport ChannelsEmail. You will see a sign “Global Support Emails”. Copy the email that will be right below your company name and paste it into the “Freshdesk email” field in AppFollow.

  4. You can filter what reviews you want to receive: 

    To receive all reviews, keep these options unmarked.

    • Only featured – receive alerts only about featured reviews.
    • Became better – receive alerts only about reviews that were updated to a higher rating (for example, from 3 to 5 stars).
    • Became worse – receive alerts only about reviews that were updated to a lower rating (for example, from 5 to 3 stars).
    • Import History – receive reviews for the previous month. In case there were no reviews without replies within the past 30 days, we import up to 100 reviews with replies for the last 30 days. If there were no reviews for the app within the last 30 days, we import up to 100 reviews regardless of dates.
  5. Select languages – receive notifications only about reviews in certain languages (to receive all reviews, choose "All languages").
  6. Select stars – choose what review rating (stars) you want to receive (to get all reviews, check all boxes).
  7. Click “Add integration”.

All done. You will now receive reviews in Freshdesk. Reviews contain the following information:

  • Review store
  • Device model (*for Google Play only)
  • Country or device language and review language
  • Review word count

Reply to Reviews

To reply to reviews from Freshdesk, you need to add the "Reply to Reviews" integration with App Store Connect or Google Play Console.

Once the integration is set, open a ticket, click "Reply", type in your comment, and click "Send". Your reply will be published in the store.

Reply via API

Alternatively, you can use AppFollow API to receive reviews and reply to them. We have a list of ready-to-use methods for that.

Edit replies in Freshdesk

To update/edit an existing reply in Freshdesk, simply send another reply to the existing ticket with the review in question. The latest reply will be sent to the store and replace the previous one. 


If we can't publish a reply on the App Store or Google Play, we will notify you about it in the same thread. The most common reasons are:

  • Reply text is longer than 350 characters. This is the limit set by Google Play for Android reviews. For the App Store, the maximum reply length is 5000 characters. If you send a reply that exceeds the character limit, you will receive a notification from AppFollow as a new (separate) Freshdesk ticket: 

  • Settings issue. For example, the password was changed in App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect). Try removing the current integration and installing a new one. After that, you should be able to reply again.


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