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The Zendesk App Integration automatically tags reviews. Find the list of available tags in the next section of this article. 

In Zendesk, AppFollow tags are displayed in the left-side info panel of the ticket:

AppFollow Auto-tags are also shown in Zendesk tickets.

Available Tags

Tag Example
App ID 692885364, com.anod.appwatcher
Store app-store, google-play
Country (for iOS apps) united-states
Language (for Android apps) en
Device iphone, OnePlus6T (OnePlus6T)
Group of the device iphone, android, winphon
Device type phone, tablet
Featured reviews featured
Rating 3star
App version v1.0.3
Manufacturer OnePlus
Long reviews long
Google Play beta reviews beta
Translation (Review Translation should be activated in Zendesk workspace)




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