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The Semantic Analysis algorithm processes all app reviews and assigns Semantic Tags to these reviews. Below you’ll find lists of all available tags grouped by their respective Tag Category.


The Bug Category includes tags that indicate that the user experienced an issue with the app.


Tag Topics
Account Issues Registration, User Account & Profile, Loss of progress (saves) in games, Bans, Profile locks, Synchronization between devices, Incorrect user data
Doesn’t work Bugs in the app, App doesn’t work at all, App crashes, App freezes/hangs, Interface or controls do not work
Crash App crashes on start or in the process of use, App closes by itself, App shutdown
App Freeze App freezes, endless loading, white/black screen
Connection Issues Connection to server, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth issues, Problems related to the mobile network and the Internet connection, Troubles with loading data or content, Upload issues
Device Issues App doesn’t work on the specific device, Takes up a lot of memory, Slows down the device, Not compatible with a specific device
Battery Battery consumption issues
Login & Access User can’t log in/sign in, Can’t pass registration, Restore password, Touch ID, Face ID, CAPTCHA, SMS confirmation
Geo Issues Address options missing, Geolocation doesn’t work, Issues with app operation from a specific country
UI Issues Negative comments about the interface, Usability, Buttons, Pop-ups, UI don’t work
Slow Performance issues with app working too slowly, Slow download speed, App slows down the device
Payment Issues Payment & billing issues, Billing details requests , ApplePay, Apple Wallet issues



The Monetization category includes tags about pricing, billing, and subscriptions.

Tag Topics
Ads Reviews that mention advertising in the app
Refund Request Reviews demanding a refund or mentioning unauthorized subscription & payments
Subscription Reviews about subscriptions, trial periods, internal purchases, "Premium" or "Pro" versions of the app, paywall, restoring purchases
Pricing Comments about pricing (cheap or expensive), pricing requests, pricing plans discussion

User Feedback

The User Feedback Category includes tags that cover a wide range of user requests: from feedback about an app update to comments about the app’s design.

Tag Topics
App Update Any feedback about app updates, new features, and releases
Complicated Hard to use, Can’t understand how to use app/feature
Established User Reviews from Users who state to have been using the app for a long time (>6 months)
Feature Request Any requests for new functionality or about improving existing features
Design Comments about design and, graphic preferences
Promo code Reviews about promo codes, discounts, clearance sales
Notifications Reviews about push notifications and emails notifications
Fraud User states the app is Fraud, Scam, Hacking
Security Comments and requests about privacy & security issues, GDPR, how user data is stored
Imba Imbalance in gaming, game/boss/level is to easy or too hard to pass, gaming items are too hard to get
Thank You Pure positive reviews that thank app developers for the app

Use Case

User describes how & when they use the app (time, frequency, context, why and what for)

Customer service

Feedback about the customer service and support

Report a Concern

The Report a Concern Category has tags to cover all the situations where you want to report a review and delete it from the store.

💡 Use these Tags together with the Automated Report a Concern feature to streamline the process of reporting irrelevant or offensive reviews to the App Store or Google Play.

Tag Topics
Spam Spam, scam or fraud reviews, reviews that contains spammy external links or advertisements for other apps or services
Offensive Aggressive reviews using swear language
No sense Reviews that don't make any sense, for example random lettering

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