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Setting up a Zap from Another Service to AppFollow is no longer available since the Reviews Import page has been deprecated.


Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to connect AppFollow to 2,000+ other web services. Using Zapier, you can create customizable integrations through "Zaps", which can be set up in minutes and without any coding skills. Use Zaps to automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Each Zap has one app as the Trigger (the source of your data), which causes one or more Actions in other apps. As a result, data is transferred automatically between apps. AppFollow triggers send information about Reviews to other apps, and AppFollow Actions create information in AppFollow when an event happens in a third-party service.

To get started with Zapier, sign up for a free account.

The Zapier integration is available in the Essential (Monitor) plan.

Set up a Zap: From AppFollow to Another Service

Set up a Zap to trigger an action in your web service of choice whenever an event happens in AppFollow. For example, push a message to Slack whenever a new featured review appears in AppFollow. 

Check out a video guide on setting up this Zap here: Set up a Zap: From AppFollow to Another Service. Read on for a step-by-step guide to setting up a Zap.

    1. Log in to your Zapier account and open your Dashboard.
    2. Click "Make a Zap".
    3. Search for "AppFollow" in the trigger selection window, and select AppFollow.
    4. Select the event which will trigger this Zap. The available events are New Review (triggers when a review is created), and New Tag (triggers when a new tag is created).

    5. Click "Sign in to AppFollow" to connect your AppFollow account to Zapier. You'll see a pop-up window prompting you to enter your API key.
    6. To find your API key: Go to Account Settings in AppFollow.
    7. Your API key is the api_secret located under the API Access section on the Settings page. 
    8. Copy your api_secret and paste it into the API Key field in the Zapier pop-up. Click the "Yes, Continue" button in the pop-up.

    9. Customize your Event by selecting which criteria it should meet to trigger an action in Zapier. Learn more about Trigger customization options further in this article: Triggers and Actions.
    10. Click "Test Trigger" to check that the correct account is connected and your trigger is set up correctly.
    11. If a corresponding Review or Tag is found, you will see it on the screen. Click "Continue".
    12. It's time to choose an Action. The Action is the event a Zap performs after your trigger runs. Select an app where you want the action to happen and customize what happens when a Zap runs.
    13. Follow the steps to connect the selected service with Zapier.
    14. Select which AppFollow data will be pulled into the selected service through the Zap and click "Continue".
    15. Click "Test and continue" to check that your Zap is set up correctly.
    16. If the test is successful, click "Turn on Zap" to finalize the integration.

Now you'll receive alerts in your service of choice whenever a new Review or Tag is added in AppFollow. If you set up an integration with Slack, a notification about a new Review will look like this:

Zapier events are only available for new reviews and new tags. For ratings, please, use our API methods, which are available in the Team (Engage) plan.

Available Triggers and Actions

Triggers are events that happen in AppFollow and activate a Zap. Actions are events that happen in AppFollow after another app's trigger is activated.

Triggers Actions
New Review New Review
New Tag  

Trigger Customization Options

New Review New Tag
Application (required) Tag Name
Stars* Application
Country* Workspace
Language* Include Auto-tags
Only Featured  
Only Updated  

* It's possible to choose multiple stars, countries, and languages.

Available Integrations

Looking for some ideas? Check out these common integration use-cases, and scroll down to see a list of the most popular Zapier integrations.

AppFollow ➡️  Slack

Track app reviews from the App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store, Amazon, and Microsoft Store without leaving Slack. Customize the Trigger settings to receive notifications about the Reviews which matter most to you: for example, negative reviews, featured reviews, or reviews in a specific language.

AppFollow ➡️   Email

Receive email notifications from the App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store, Amazon, and Microsoft Store in real-time.


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