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In AppFollow, you'll find a variety of metrics to help you evaluate and optimize your ASO strategy. In this article, you'll learn about Keyword Difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty

The Keyword Difficulty score shows how hard it would be to outrank your competitors in the App Store or Google Play Top-10 with the specified search terms and phrases. The higher the difficulty, the less suitable it is for text optimization. The maximum difficulty score is 100.

To calculate the Keyword Difficulty score, we use an algorithm that contains over 15 different parameters. The first parameter we take into account is the Store Performance Index of apps in the top 10 positions for this keyword, as well as how many apps use this keyword in their titles. If a keyword is branded and belongs to a certain app or company, the difficulty increases even more.

For example, if the top 10 apps for the selected keyword include popular apps with a high number of ratings, and most of these apps use this keyword in their name, the difficulty of this keyword will be very high. 

The result of these calculations allows you to gauge how difficult it will be to rank for a specific keyword and whether you should consider including it in your metadata or not.

Keyword Difficulty is available on the Keyword Tracking page.

We ensure the provision of real-time metrics for difficulty without retaining historical data. Whether you access this information via API or Watch, the presented difficulty metrics remain consistent across various timeframes, always reflecting the most current results.

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