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With any payments or subscription matters, please feel free to reach our Support team or your personal account manager. Below are the most common questions. 

How can I get charged after updating the card details?

If the payment for the subscription didn't go trough for the first time, our system will retry the payment during the next couple of days. If you need the payment to be completed faster, please email to our support to send you the direct payment link.

Do I need to pay at the beginning or at the end of my billing cycle?

When you choose a plan, we’ll ask you to pay for the subscription in advance with your credit card.

Can I choose the length of my billing cycle?

You can select to pay monthly or annually. Discounts are offered on annual subscriptions.

Do I need to fill in my company details?

Your company's credentials, official company name, and address are required. Please add the details on the Billing settings page.

Why am I charged more than the stated subscription price?

If your company is registered within the European Union, your VAT ID is required for taxing purposes. Without a valid VAT ID, you may receive additional charges. Learn more in our article on Subscription Taxes and VAT.

How long the subscription prolongation is normally processed?

The expected time for the subscription prolongation is 24 hours.

Why is my subscription processing for more than 24 hours?

The most common reasons for the payment not being processed are:

  • Not enough funds

Please make sure the card balance is enough for the subscription payment. Or feel free to use another card. The system will automatically make several attempts to process the payment in a while.

  • The bank has declined the payment

Please contact your bank for the details on this issue.


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