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The Search Ads Recommendations from AppFollow duplicates Search Ads and works as a keyword volume estimator. It helps you evaluate and range keywords’ performance before using them.

It is available for all countries where Search Ads works:

The tool duplicates the Search Ads estimations of relevant keywords, and every phrase is estimated on a scale from 5 to 100.

How to find recommended keywords

  1. Click on the ASO & Keywords in the menu on the left;
  2. Choose ASO tools, then go to the fourth tab: Search ads recommendations;
  3. Select an app from your workspace or type any app name (or paste the link from App Store);
  4. Get the whole range of relevant keywords with their quality score that we call Popularity. Right next to it, you will find an arrow. Click on it to sort the results with the highest or lowest popularity;
  5. You can add these keywords to your Keyword Tracking page, one by one or track all keywords;
  6. By clicking on the eye-glass button, you will see suggestions offered by App Store in the selected country:

100 is the absolute maximum that a keyword may have, the lowest score is 5, which means that nobody searches by this keyword.

Keyword Live Ranking for recommended keywords  

Select any keyword from the list to see its Live Ranking. Make sure the keyword you're interested in is yellowed out. You can add any of the suggested apps as your own or as competitors or remove them from your workspace. 
Click on the eye icon next to the +track button to open a Keyword Spy mini page and get more keyword ideas:


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