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If you encounter any issues while attempting to change the account owner on AppFollow, here's what you can do to fix it: 

1. Ensure Proper Access:

  • Verify that you are logged in to the current owner's account. Only the current owner or an admin with appropriate permissions can initiate the transfer of ownership.

2. Navigate to Team Members Settings:

  • Once logged in, navigate to the left bottom corner and click on the "Account" button, then go to the "My team" section, there you'll be able to manage team members.

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3. Select the New Owner:

  • Once you're within the My team page, locate the team member who you intend to designate as the new owner. Remember that only admins can be assigned as account owners. If the selected member isn't an admin, change their role to "Admin" first.

4. Edit Member Details:

  • Look for the team member you wish to give account ownership to, then click on the gear icon to open the options, then click on "Edit".

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5. Assign Ownership:

  • Within the member's profile settings, look for an option labeled "Assign ownership". Ensure that this option is checked.

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6. Save Changes:

  • After enabling the ownership assignment, click on the "Save" button to confirm the changes. Ensure that all changes are successfully saved before proceeding.

7. Clear Cache and Cookies:

  • Sometimes, browser cache and cookies can cause unexpected issues. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies before attempting the process again.

8. Use a Different Browser or Device:

  • If the issue persists, try performing the ownership transfer process using a different web browser or device. This can help identify whether the problem is specific to a particular browser or device configuration.

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