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The Home hub is your starting point in AppFollow. This dashboard collects your app's key metrics from across the AppFollow workspace and helps you focus on what's important.

If you're just getting started with AppFollow, the Home hub will help you explore our product and easily navigate between features.

If you're already a seasoned user, the Home hub gives you a single source to turn to for high-level insights. As a result, you'll always have a precise understanding of how your app is doing.

To get started, select an app, timeframe, and (optionally) country at the top of the page. Now let's dive into each section of the page.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings, reviews, and semantic analysis are in the spotlight of this section. To dive into more details, feel free to click "Full report" under any of the cards.

To set up a notification about these metrics, click "Set alert" at the bottom of any card.

At a glance, you'll see the following information:


  • New ratings – how many ratings your app received during the selected timeframe.
  • Avg. ratings – the average rating for the selected timeframe.
  • Most popular – the country from which you received the most ratings during this period.
  • Most critical – the country that left the most 1, 2, and 3-star ratings.

Rating stats show incremental data. Incremental ratings are available by default for iOS apps; to see incremental ratings for an Android app, please set up an integration: Google Play: Ratings Integration.


  • New reviews – how many reviews your app received during the selected timeframe.
  • Avg. reviews – the average rating of reviews for the selected timeframe.
  • Growing the most – the country whose review rating increased the most compared to the previous period.
  • Falling the most – the country whose review rating decreased the most compared to the previous period.

Feedback Insights

This section is based on the Semantics Analysis tool. If it isn't available in your account yet and you'd like to give it a try – just send a message to your account manager.

  • Total satisfaction – your app's sentiment score during the selected timeframe.
  • Bugs, User feedback, Report a concern, Monetization – the share of reviews in each of these semantic categories.
  • Top topic – the most commonly attributed semantic tag during the selected timeframe. This data shows you the most popular review topic.
  • Trending topic – the tag that saw the most growth in attribution compared to the previous period. This data shows you which new topic your users started talking about during the selected timeframe.




This block shows you where your app's rank stands across the globe. You'll see the following Category ranking stats:

  • Winners – the countries where your app's rank grew the most during the selected timeframe. We compare the last date of the timeframe set in the page's filters to the first date.
  • Losers – the countries where your app's rank lost the most positions during the selected timeframe.

The Country breakdown map shows you the countries where your app ranks in Top -1, Top -10, and Top -100 positions.

To see more details, click on "Full report" at the bottom of the card. 



To see data about your app's downloads, ensure your app has an active ASO integration. Learn more in our integration articles: Google Play: ASO Report Integration and App Store Connect Integration.

In this section, you'll get a holistic overview of the source of your app's downloads. You'll see your download distribution by:

  1. Country – your geographical download distribution.
    • Refer to the Map view to understand which countries bring you the most downloads.
    • On the right side of the country chart, you'll see the difference in downloads compared to the previous period.
    • The country that is growing the most is the one that had the most significant download boost compared to the previous period.
    • The country that is falling the most is the one where the number of downloads decreased the most.
  2. Source – the distribution of downloads by traffic channel. This table helps you understand where and how your users found your app, giving you a better idea about your most valuable traffic source.
  3. Keywords – the number of downloads your keywords bring. Use this section to gauge your keywords' success and understand which bring the highest number of organic downloads.

To get more insights, click on "Full report" under any of the cards. 


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