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The Tags chart is designed to display statistics on your work with tags. It allows you to get an overview of trends in the reviews you are receiving and evaluate how effectively your team is working with tags.

You can open the tags chart from the left-hand menu in the Reply to reviews segment:


We collect information on:

    • Manually added tags
    • Auto-tags
    • Semantic tags.


Semantic Tags is a paid add-on. You can request a trial right from the page or send a message directly to your account manager. 

You can filter information by: 

  • App
  • Date
  • Country
  • Review language
  • App version
  • Changes in the rating


Together with the date, you can choose the app you would like to learn more about. It can be a single app or all apps within one store. Apps from different stores cannot be added to the same view due to filter limitations. The total amount of reviews and the percentage of tags are available at the top of the page in the Summary section:


Tags History

The Tags history section allows you to see a visual breakdown of all the tags used in the chosen period. The chart has three views: Bar, Relative, and Line, as well as three periods you can switch between —  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. 


Tags Summary

In the Tags summary section, you can find all the tags that were created in the current workspace with the category they belong to (if the category was set upon creating the tag).

By choosing tags in this section, you can control what you see on the chart. Tags summary shows the dynamic (the current count + previous value) and allows you to trace the history of the usage of a certain tag. 


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