Обзор систем единого входа (SSO)

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AppFollow Single Sign-On allows your team to log in securely from a single company portal using their corporate credentials.

You need Single Sign-On if:

  • You have a big team and want to be sure that everyone can quickly and securely access the same data. All new members will be added to the same account, use the same apps and Workspaces, and you won't need to invite newcomers manually.
  • You want to minimize the risks of accessing to 3rd-party sites with insecure passwords or through password sharing services.
  • You need to streamline the login process. With SSO, your team won't spend additional time logging in to every website and recovering passwords.

Supported Identity Providers

More services are coming soon.

Enablement Options

Soft SSO

When you're just getting started with enabling SSO for your AppFollow account, you can soft-enable it to make sure that everything is set up correctly. Soft-enabled SSO allows users to continue using their email and password in addition to your company's SSO option. This allows you to test your setup and ensure that nobody gets locked out of their account.

💡Soft-enabled SSO is the default setup option in AppFollow.

Hard SSO

When you've confirmed that your SSO setup is working as expected, you can switch your account to hard-enabled SSO. At this point, SSO will become your organization’s only means of logging into AppFollow.

To switch on hard SSO:

  1. Navigate to the SSO section of the Account Settings page.
  2. Check the box next to "Enable Hard SSO".
  3. Save your changes.



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