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AppFollow Tableau Integration helps in processing data from AppFollow directly into Tableau via Web Data Connector. Tableau is one of the most popular BI dashboards for data analysis and visualization. We offer a secure and easy way to gather all the data from AppFollow, like Downloads & Revenue, Reviews, or ASO scores (coming soon) and transfer it in Tableau.

AppFollow Tableau integration is a premium feature and available by request only. To get access to it please contact your account manager or our Customer Support Team.

How to Setup

1. In Tableau Desktop, select Open -> Web Data Connector and enter your Tableau-Appfollow Web Data Connector URL.
2. Fill in the form and click Submit.

3. Wait for data to be fetched (for the big period it can take a while). 

4. In Tableau Desktop, select “Update Now” or “Automatically Update” to download the data from AppFollow.  

Key Benefits 

  • Finding correlations and dependencies in your ASO or Ratings & Reviews activities;
  • Creating dashboards and aggregated charts for app monitoring;
  • Examine the effectiveness of changes in your app promotion or monetization strategies.


  • How to get my Tableau-Appfollow Web Data Connector URL?

Tableau integration is a premium feature and requires Advanced API access. Tableau-Appfollow Web Data Connector URL will be sent directly to your email. Contact your account manager directly or our Customer Support Team to learn more.

  • How to find my API Secret?

Go to the AppFollow Account Settings to get your API Secret:

  • How to find App External ID?

Go to the My Apps page and switch to the Standard View to get your App External ID:


  • What data can I get from AppFollow?

Reviews, replies and data from Downloads & Revenue page. The following data points are available:

Downloads & Revenue summary:

  • Country
  • Date
  • Application ID (App Id)
  • All metrics from the Downloads & Revenue dashboard

Reviews data export:

  • Application ID (App Id)
  • Application title (Title)
  • Mobile store (Store)
  • Time span (From, To)
  • Number of replies (Replies)
  • Number of reviews (Reviews)

Replies data export:

  • Application ID (App Id)
  • Mobile store (Store)
  • Application title (Title)
  • Agent name (User)
  • Number of replies (Replies)

  • How API requests are counted in the AppFollow account limit when making requests via Tableau Integration?

When AppFollow is connected as a Tableau Data Source, one API request is used to get the primary unloading of the data. Each time you use the data for visualization in a chart one more request to AppFollow is sent.

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