Увеличение лимита ответов в Google Play

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AppFollow helps you to reply to customer reviews from the Google Play Store. However, Google Play limits the volumes of replies that can be published daily -  500 replies per day.

But don’t worry, replies will be published in any case. To save your replies when the limits are exceeded, we created special queues. However, this is a way to increase this number of 'POST'. To do so you need to fill in this form

We’ve already had a positive experience of increasing the limits for some of our clients. Let us know if you need any help here.

  • If your replies are not reflected in AppFollow console even though it is reflected in Google Play console please fill this form and request the POST number increase.
  • If your application has a lot of reviews and not all of the reviews are shown in AppFollow console please fill this form and request the GET number increase.

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