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The Google Play "Reply to Reviews" integration (aka "Reviews & Replies") allows you to respond to reviews from the AppFollow interface or through connected help desk systems, Slack, or other tools

We offer two methods of setting up an integration:

In this article, we'll go over the difference between the two methods and help you choose the best one for your needs.


  Service Account Method Invitation Method
Officially supported Google API
Provides additional review info: device name, app version
Google Play Console role required to set up the integration Account Owner Account Owner or Admin
Instant review collection

*Reviews are collected as soon as they appear in the Developer Console.

*Reviews are collected after they pass Google Play moderation (24 hours) and become public.

Includes the ASO Report integration
Includes the Report a Concern integration


Service Account (Recommended Method)

We strongly recommend setting up an integration through a Service Account. Service Accounts are the official authentication method recommended by Google. This means we are able to support any changes made by Google and inform you about updates to the integration.

You'll need help from the owner of your Google Play Developer account to set up this integration. To get started, share this guide with your Google Play account owner: Google Play: Reply to Reviews Integration (Service Account Method)

Once you set up a Service Account integration, you can set up additional integrations based on your needs:

Invitation (Limited Method)

The main benefit of the invitation integration is that you don't need access to the Google Play Developer owner account. This can come in handy if you don't have access to the owner's account and are having trouble locating a team member who can help.

The Invitation Method can be viewed as a "temporary" integration to allow you to reply to reviews while you're working on setting up a Service Account. This method is a simplified version of the integration and does not provide complete details about a review, such as the device name and app version. 

When you set up an invitation integration, the "ASO" and "Report a Concern" integrations will also be configured automatically. These will remain active even after you switch to a Service Account.

If you set up an Invitation method integration, we strongly recommend switching to the Service Account method as soon as you get in touch with the owner of your Google Play account. 


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