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With the New Reviews Spike alert, you'll receive notifications when new reviews that meet the criteria you set pass a specified threshold.

Set up an alert to notify you when you receive a high number of negative reviews in a short timeframe. You'll know right away when you need all hands on deck to deal with an influx of negative user reviews.

Available for the App Store and Google Play. Console integrations are not required.

Available filters:

  • Language
  • Rating
  • Review length
  • Tags

Set Up the New Reviews Spike Alert

To find information on how to set up any alert, check out the following article: Alerts: Create and Edit

  1. Open the Alerts section in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Choose the app for which you want to set up an alert.
  3. Select the New Reviews Spike alert from the alert notification list.
  4. Configure the filter conditions.
  5. Choose a threshold for the number of reviews and the timeframe during which the reviews were posted.
  6. Select the channel where you want to receive the alert: email, Slack, or Telegram.
  7. Choose an alert name and review your settings.
  8. Click "Continue" to save your changes.

See below how these alerts will look like in different channels:




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