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Reviews chart provides data in a layout similar to the star ratings in Rating chart, which makes it easier to compare the data across features. You can analyze your app’s reviews, and review rating dynamics by country and tags. 

Learn more about the different types of ratings available in AppFollow.

Data Collection

App Store

We collect reviews from public sources every 1–3 hours with or without integration.

Google Play

We collect reviews for Android apps in different ways depending on if the app has Google Play Console integration.

Without integration or with the Invitation method integration, we update reviews from public sources every 1–3 hours. In this case delays of up to 36 hours can occur due to Google Play store review processing limitations.

With the Service Account integration, we collect reviews every hour from the Google Play Console. 


You may filter the reviews for the analysis by:

  • Rating change
  • Release version
  • Review language
  • Search 
  • Tag



In the summary section, you'll find the main review metrics.

  • Reviews - the number of reviews received during the timeframe selected in the filters section and the difference in the number of reviews compared to the previous period. 
  • Avg. review rating - the app’s average review rating by the reviews received during the timeframe and the difference in the average review rating to the previous period. 
  • Star breakdown for reviews - the distribution of reviews by stars for the selected timeframe, displayed as a percentage and absolute value. This section breaks down reviews by stars so that you can evaluate the proportion of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1-star reviews.


The Reviews chart provides data for ratings with reviews only. To learn the data for star ratings without a text comment, use the Rating chart page. 

Star Distribution

This chart visualizes the breakdown of reviews by their star count for the selected period. You can choose between Bar, Relative, Line, or Pie chart types and Daily, Weekly, or Monthly views, depending on how long the selected timeframe is.


🟥 Red squares down the line indicate that the app was featured that day. You can hover over it to see the featuring category: 
🔺 Red triangles indicate days when the app's version was updated. Hover over it to see the new version and changes: 
In addition, you can filter data by stars and enable the average and trend lines to get an overview of the changes to the app’s ratings on the chart:

Countries and Tags Breakdowns

The Reviews by countries section shows you the breakdown of reviews for the top countries where most of the app reviews come from. Reviews from other countries are grouped under “Others.” If you select a specific country in the page’s filters, we’ll show you only the stats for that country.

Reviews by tags shows the most frequent tags assigned to the reviews and "Others" tagged reviews. Also, you can see how many reviews don't have a tag and the percentage of tagged reviews from the total reviews received. 


To view the country breakdown for Android apps, add Ratings integration with Google Play.


You can download the generated report with the filters set in CSV or Excel format from the top of the page. 


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