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In order to allow you to collect all reviews, comments, and questions regarding your product in one place, we have an option that allows you to reply to Discord messages directly from AppFollow.

Setting up the Integration

To create an integration with your Discord server: 

    1. Make sure you are logged in to the Discord account as a server administrator.
    2. Go to the Reply to reviews page and from the middle of the screen choose the ‘Discord’ tab
    3. Click on Set up the integration, this will open up the integration window.
    4. Choose the server you would like to connect to.
    5. Confirm granting Administrator permission to AppFollow Reply Bot, and click "Authorize":



You can connect several servers, and all the channels on those servers will be added automatically. If you have created a new channel after setting up the integration and cannot find it in the list of channels—simply update the list, and it will appear. 


Reply to Reviews

With the Discord Reply to Reviews integration, you can reply to comments in AppFollow and in the Discord channel directly by:

  1. Clicking on the three dots next to the Reply button in the Review field.
  2. Choosing "Reply in Discord". This will open up a web version of Discord in a new tab of your browser. 

    To translate the review:
  3. Click on the three dots next to the Reply button.
  4. Select Translate. This will redirect you to the Google Translate page. 

    You can filter all reviews by:
  • Tags
  • Review text
  • Review author
  • Language of the review
  • Text of the review

Add Tags

To add a tag to the review, just click on "+Add tag" under the text of the review or pick one of the popular tags.


By default, the reply bot is called AppFollow Reply Bot. If you would like to rename it, you can do that directly in Discord.

It is possible to reply to reviews in both public and private channels, but you cannot reply to direct messages.

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