Google Play: Troubleshooting the Sales Report Integration

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When you set up the Google Play: Sales Report Integration, you see the following errors:

  • GCloud buckets not found
  • Failed to retrieve valid credentials (invalid_grantBad request)


1. Check your Developer ID.

The Developer ID is different from the Account ID that is used for the ASO Report integration. Make sure you are using the correct one. Go to your Google Console, open Download reports → Statistics, then click "Copy Cloud Storage URI" next to the "Installs" section. 


Paste the copied into a search bar or a notepad and look at the digits – they are your Developer ID. For example, in this URI gs://pubsite_prod_rev_11435858079539594086/stats/installs/ your Developer ID is 11435858079539594086.

2. Check your account's access levels.

The Google account that you're signed in to when getting the code should have the following permissions:

  • View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)
  • View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses

Nothing Happens When I Enter the Code

For the Sales Report integration to work, the app should have the Financial reports available in the Google Play Console. Sometimes (especially the recently launched) apps may not yet have financial reports. Please log in to Google Play Console and make sure the Financial reports section is available for the app.


Issue Remains

If the above didn't help, please contact the Support Team with the following full-sized (uncropped) screenshots

  • The Developer ID from the GP console that you use.
  • The access level of the Google account that you use when pressing the "Get this code here" button.

This information will greatly help us with further investigation.

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