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You can edit your profile settings to change your name, company name, position, contact info, timezone, avatar, etc. To access your profile settings:

  1. Click on your account avatar icon at the bottom of the left-hand panel.
  2. Go to Settings > Account Settings.
  3. Edit the required fields and click Save Changes.

To choose an avatar, just click on the image and continue clicking through till you find the one you like. 


How to change your email address

For security reasons, we don't allow updating your email address after creating the account. However, if you'd like to be able to access your AppFollow account from a different email address, there's a workaround: 

  1. Invite the new email address as a user with the "Admin" role.
  2. Check your mailbox and accept the invitation.
  3. Transfer the account ownership to your new email.
  4. Remove your old email from the team members list (if necessary).

If you are out of team member limits and cannot invite your new email to the account, please contact our Support Team, and we'll gladly help you.

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