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Set up Single Sign-On with Okta to provide your team with a single point of access to AppFollow.

How to set up

Sign in to your Okta account, and follow the steps below:

1. Open this page and click “Create New App”.

2. Choose Web + SAML 2.0 and click “Create”.


3. Set up the following parameters:

  • Single sign on URL: https://sso.appfollow.io/acs
  • SP Entity ID: https://sso.appfollow.io/metadata/
  • Default Relay State: enter your AppFollow account owner's email address
  • Name ID Format: Email Address
  • Application username: Email

4. Add the following Attributes:

  • Email / Basic/ user.email
  • FirstName / Basic / user.firstName
  • LastName / Basic / user.lastName

5. Copy SSO parameters to AppFollow admin:

  • Identity Provider Issue: Entity ID in AppFollow
  • Identity Provider Single-Sign-On URL = SAML SSO URL in AppFollow
  • Public certificate: X.509 Certificate in AppFollow without comments

6. Open this link.


7. Paste here the parameters you have copied from step 5, and click “Save Changes”.

10. Return to your Okta account and assign the Application to users that will have access to AppFollow account:

11. Open Okta dashboard with apps

12. Log in to watch.appfollow.io in a new tab in the browser

You should see the “Single Sign-On Enabled” sign.

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