Creating a Semantic Core

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Building semantic core

Building a set of keywords that will describe an app in the most accurate way is the crucial task in ASO. It is important to evaluate keywords and use the most relevant ones. AppFollow provides a range of features that simplify this process.

Keyword Tracking page is the starting point when working with keywords.

Also, you may use Keyword Live Ranking and Keyword Spy for keyword research.

Evaluating keywords

Once you have collected a list of keywords, it is important to analyze which keywords are worth using.

The most important factor is that keywords should be relevant to your product. Also, keywords should likely be requested frequently by potential users.

There are two instruments on the Keywords & ASO page we recommend to rely on when selecting keywords. In the Summary table, there are two indicators you can take into account when evaluating keywords - Popularity and Number of apps in search results.

  • Popularity is based on our own algorithm. It analyzes the store data and gives a score from 0 to 100. 0 means that keyword is not used in search, 100 will be shown for keywords with thousands of users requests daily. We don't recommend to use keywords with popularity less than 20. You can filter and delete them.
  • Number of apps in search results should be studied in relation with the keyword popularity. We recommend looking for keywords with good popularity and low number of apps. When you find a good match, mark these keywords and go to the graph. This window on the right will show you apps appearing in search if you type this keyword. Here you can check if there is any serious competition (big brands, apps with high rating or a large number of reviews).

To resume in order to update the text on the app page, you will need:

  • Collect a big set of keywords
  • Filter keywords with low difficulty
  • Pick those having a popularity of at least 20 and a small number of apps in the store search


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