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General Questions

  • Why should I integrate App Store or Google Play account?

We have 3 types of integrations:

Reply to reviews allows to publish replies to reviews. For Android apps, this integration provides also additional details for the reviews (app version, OS, device);

ASO integration gives access to ASO Analytics (traffic and downloads by keywords);

  • Why do I need to put my credentials on the App Store? Is it safe?

Such information as data for the ASO Analytics page (ASO report integration) and ability to post replies to the reviews directly from AppFollow account (Reply to reviews integration) could be done by the connection between the store console and AppFollow.

To connect the console and AppFollow, it is required to enter the credentials (there are different sets for different types of integrations). Here are the instructions for App Store and Google Play integration settings.

We guarantee all personal data is safe and the details we get through the integration are available only for team members in your account.

  • How can I set integration with the App Store if I have 2-factor authentication?

If Apple does not allow you to create a new user without 2FA, you can invite us to your App Store Connect account. Learn more in our article on App Store and Mac App Store Connect Integration With 2FA.

Reply to Reviews (reply to reviews and edit responses): Admin or Customer Support roles.

ASO Report (access to analytics): Admin or Sales + Access to Reports + Marketing roles.

If you want to set up several integrations: Admin or Customer Support + Marketing + Finance roles (Sales and Access to Reports will be marked automatically).

Once the invite is sent, please contact our support team to finish the integration settings.

  • What is 'Reply via Console' Google Play Store integration?

'Reply via Console' integration redirects to Google Play console to the particular review from where you can proceed with the reply. This integration doesn't allow you to reply from the AppFollow interface. To reply from AppFollow, there is another integration needed - 'Reviews&Replies'. 

To set the 'Reply via Console' integration, it is required to set the Account ID.

To set 'Reviews & Replies' integration, it is required to enter the Client ID and Client Secret. Here is the video tutorial and step-by-step instructions on setting the Reviews&Replies integration.

  • Do I need to set App Store and Google Play integrations separately for each app?

Currently, integrations are not shared between workspaces, and copying integrations from one workspace to another is not possible.

Helpdesk Systems Integrations

  • Can I reply to reviews via email?

AppFollow provides an option to work with reviews via your own email account. You can set the email integration to receive reviews to your email and proceed with replies. 

Also, it is possible to connect the helpdesk system to your AppFollow account and get reviews as new tickets there. Supported helpdesk integrations are:

- Zendesk

- Freshdesk

- Groove

- Usedesk

- Front

- Kayako

Integrations available for premium plan users:

- Helpshift

- Intercom

- Helpscout

  • What is the difference between ZD app integration and ZD email integration?

There are two options to set integration with ZD to reply to reviews - ZD email integration and ZD native app.

Zendesk native app integration provides more functionality, it allows you to use tags for sorting reviews and see additional review details in the widget. Both integrations allow you to reply to reviews from ZD.

Please check the instructions above and choose the one you like more.

Slack Integrations

  • What messaging systems can I set the reports to be sent?

It is possible to set reports to be sent directly to the corporative messaging system:

- Slack

- Telegram

- Discord

Integrations available for premium plan users:

- Microsoft Teams

Other Integrations

  • What other integrations are supported?

With AppFollow it is easy to integrate into your current workflow and get reviews directly to your task management system. We support:

- Salesforce

- Basecamp

- Trello

- Workplace by Facebook

- Search Ads

  • I want to integrate AppFollow with some other system. Is it possible? 

If you haven’t found the needed integration in the list, please leave a request and we’ll discuss this further. 

We would greatly appreciate your help and hope you could share your comments on the following questions with our support team:

1) What kind of information would you like to import from/to AppFollow account via this integration?

2) What kind of tasks are you looking to perform with the help of this integration?


  • Something is wrong with the integration (e.g. replies could not be posted or ASO report is not loaded), how do I know what is the issue?

The status of the integration can be checked on the Integrations page. If the integration is highlighted in red and the integration status is ‘Error’, it means this integration needs to be reset. The details of the error are available on the hover.

If you want to receive all reviews - do not select any of these filters, otherwise, you are saying that you want a review that, became better and worse and featured all at the same exact time.

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