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If you come across some difficulties with the Google Play Console integrations, please check the most common cases described below.

Tip: If you see a specific error, use Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to search this page for the section you need.

The list of all integrations is available on the Integrations page. Select the app from the Tracked Apps section on the right side of the screen to set up an integration for this app.

2. Issues with Permissions Settings

Account Permissions and App Access 

If you have trouble with setting up the Google Play integration, first of all, please check the permissions and app access settings of the Google Developer account.

The Google Developer account should have the correct permission settings in order to set up the integrations.

  • For the Reply to Reviews integration, the Google developer account should have the "View app information" and "Reply to reviews" permissions.
  • For the ASO Report integration, you should grant the ‘View app information’ permission for the account. This account needs to have read-only access to the app.
  • For the Sales Report integration, the Google developer account should have "View app information" and "View financial data" permissions.

Manage permissions

If you don't have the required permissions granted for your Google Developer account, you can ask the Google Developer account owner or another user with the appropriate access level to provide the permissions for you. 

Permissions are managed from Google Developer account -> Settings -> Users & permissions section:

App Access

The Google developer account that is used for the integration settings should have access to the app. The owner of the Google Developer account can grant global or per-app access to users before setting up permissions:

  • Global: Global access applies to all apps in the developer account.
  • Per-app: Per-app access only applies to the selected app.

💡 If everything looks OK but the integration still ​can not be set up please try incognito mode as well.

3. General Integration Setup Errors

401. Error: invalid_client no support email

Sometimes after completing the setup, you may see the following error when logging in to Google:

To fix it, open the Settings of your Google Play console and re-login.

Error 401: invalid_client no application name

You may see the following error in Google when logging in:

In this case, please make sure that the email address and product name is configured in the Consent screen of the Google Developer console. Open the Credentials tab using the left sidebar menu -> Open the OAuth consent screen tab using the top link in the central area -> Set the Email address field value -> Set the Product name shown to users field value -> Press the Save button. 

This page is available to the account owner. If you don't have access, please ask the Google Developer account owner to adjust the settings.

I entered the credentials but the integration is not connecting

If there are several projects in your Google Developer account, make sure you are using the correct Client Secret and Client ID for the app you are setting integration for.

Error 403: access_denied

While requesting the code (via button Request the code here) the error below shows up.

This can happen due to difference within the accounts user is logged in here. Please make sure to use the same account for both GP and personal accounts.

4. Reply to Reviews Integration Errors

I get the error 'Access error: Please check that provided account has access to apps when entering the code

1. Check whether you have the Owner access role in Google.

Make sure the OAuth Client ID is created from the owner's Google Developer account. While it's possible to get the Client ID and Secret without owner access, it won't have the required permissions to set up an integration for the app. 

If you log in with a user role that is not the account owner to create the New OAuth client, you will see the alert 'You do not have sufficient permissions to view this app' on the Google Cloud Platform Console page:

If the credentials are not created from the owner's account, you will see the error 'Access error: Please check that provided account has access to apps' in AppFollow: 

2. Check whether you have selected the correct project in the API Access section.

If you receive this error even when you create the OAuth Client ID from the Google Account Owner's account, please check whether you have multiple API projects in Google. Make sure to select the correct project from the dropdown menu at the top of the page before creating the client:

3. Check whether the Google Play Android Developer project is available in the API Access section. If it is not available, follow these steps to add it:

    1. Go to Google Cloud Console and select your project.
    2. In the left-hand navigation panel, select "APIs & Services" -> "Library".

    1. Scroll down to the "Mobile" section and select "Google Play Android Developer API".

    1. Click "Enable" to enable the project in the Google Play Console.

  1. Go to API Access section by navigating to Google Play Console -> Settings -> Developer Account.
  2. You'll see the project listed here. Click on the "Link" button to connect the project to the Google Play Console. Now you can use this project in the API Access section.

I can't create the new OAuth Client ID

Without setting up the project's consent screen, it won't be possible to create a new OAuth Client ID. Make sure that the consent screen is configured properly.

Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch 

The redirect URI in the request (urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob) can only be used by a Client ID for a native application. It is not allowed for the WEB client type. You can create a Client ID for a native application in the Google Developer Console API section.

This error may occur if you select the "Web app" application type instead of the "Desktop app" type when creating a new OAuth client (as described in the previous section). Please make sure you use the "Desktop app" application type.

The Client ID and Client Secret provided by the Google Developer account owner are not valid

This means that the OAuth client needs to be refreshed. By default, the OAuth token is valid for 1 day. The Google Developer account owner may change the limit to 7 or 30 days. To complete the integration, the Google Developer account owner needs to refresh the OAuth client and provide the new Client ID and Secret.

Double check OAuth consent screen settings

Make sure that on OAuth consent screen settings the Publishing Status is In Production. Otherwise the error "Error 403: access_denied" will appear at the final stage on the setting process.

5. ASO Report Integration Errors

I can’t set up the ASO Report integration

To troubleshoot this issue, please make sure you have invited as a user to your Google Developer Console with read-only access to the app and "View app information" permissions. Make sure the Account ID is entered correctly. 

If the issue remains, please email us at with the following screenshots:

  • The permissions of the 
  • The Account ID from Google developer console.

6. Sales Report Integration Errors

Developer ID


  • GCloud buckets not found
  • Failed to retrieve valid credentials (invalid_grantBad request)


  • The Developer ID is different from the Account ID that is used for the ASO Report integration. Make sure you are using your Developer ID. View the step-by-step guide on where to find the Developer ID here: Google Play: Sales Report Integration
  • The Developer ID may appear differently in various sections of the console. To check that you're using the correct Developer ID, open Download reports -> Statistics in the left-hand navigation menu, then click "Copy Cloud Storage URI" next to the Installs section. The digits in the URI are your Developer ID.

Access Levels

The Google Account that you use to get the code should have the following permissions:

  • View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)
  • View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses

If the issue remains please email us at with the following screenshots: 

  • The Developer ID from the GP console that you use.
  • The access level of the Google Account that you use when pressing the "Get this code here" button.

Nothing happens when I enter the code

For the Sales Report integration to work, the app should have the Financial reports available in the Google Play Console. Sometimes (especially the recently launched) apps may not yet have the financial reports. Please log in to Google Play Console and make sure the Financial reports section is available for the app.

7. Troubleshooting an Existing Google Play Integration

You can check the status of the integration on the Integrations page. To check if the integration is working, click on Actions -> Check Status. If the integration is highlighted in red and the integration status is ‘Error’, it means that this integration needs to be reset. The details of the error are available when you hover your mouse over the error icon.

"Invalid credentials" error

If the status of the integration on the Integrations page shows an "Invalid credentials" error, this means that the connection with the Google Play console needs to be reset. To resolve this error, please remove the integration with the error and set up a new one. Find the instructions on setting up the required integration here: Google Play Console.

Before setting up an integration, please make sure the Google Play Console Terms of Service have been accepted. The terms should be accepted from the specific account that you use to set up the integration.

Replies are not posted

Reply to Reviews API quota reached

AppFollow allows you to reply to customer reviews from the Google Play Store. However, Google Play limits the volumes of reviews that can be published daily -  500 replies per day. Learn how to increase Google Play limits when replying to reviews.

Reply text is too long

The reply text for a review in Google Play has a limit of 350 symbols. Make sure your reply is within this limit.

If you didn't find your issue above, please reach out to us at or via live chat. 
Please include the following info:
- Which app and Workspace you are setting up the integration for
- What type of integration do you want to set up (Reply to Reviews, ASO Report, or Sales Report) 
- A screenshot of the error or a video of the process of connecting the integration 
- A screenshot of the credentials (Client Secret/Client ID or Account ID or Developer ID, depending on the type of the integration) 
- A screenshot of the Google Developer account permissions and the app access settings.

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