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Reviews Email Alerts integration sends email notifications once the number of reviews with certain rates reach the upper limit within the timeframe set.

Note, the Reviews Email Alert is available for enterprise accounts. Please reach out your account manager to get the access to this integration.

How to set up

1. Navigate to the Integrations section in AppFollow. Select an app and the Reviews Email Alerts integration, click '+Add integration'.

2. Enter the email address to receive the notifications.

3. Set the conditions for the alert to be sent. You need to fill in:
- the number of reviews; 
- the number of stars for the reviews;
- the timeframe.

The time condition could be set up to 840 hours (35 days).

4. Click 'Add integration'.

Once the integration is set up and as soon as the conditions of the integration rule are met, you'll get an email. 
For example, if within 24 hours the app receives more than 100 reviews with 3 and 4 stars, there will be the notification sent.

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