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For your Android apps with the Reply via Console integration enabled, you can get redirected to a particular review in Google Play console straight from the Reply to Reviews page.

Set up the Reply via Console Integration with Google Play

To set up this integration, you'll need your Account ID and the App ID from the Google Play Developer Console.  

Follow these steps:

    1. In your AppFollow account, open the “Reply to Reviews” page from the left-hand navigation panel.
    2. Click the "More" button, below the text of any review. 
    3. Choose the option “Reply via Console” on drop-down menu.
    4. In the pop-up window, you’ll be asked to enter your Developer account ID from the Google Play Console.
    5. To find your Account ID: open a new tab in your browser and log in to the Google Play Console.
    6. In the side menu, go to Settings -> Developer account -> Account details. Copy the Developer account ID.
    7. To find your App ID: from the All apps tab in Google Play Console, select an app that you need to set the integration for. 
      The App ID is the digits in the URL that go after /app/.
      Copy the digits, go back to AppFollow and paste it into the "App ID" field.

      For example, in this link of the app Dashboard in Google Play Console:хххххххххххх63/app/ 4972хххххххх2068/app-dashboard?timespan=thirtyDays

      The App ID is 4972хххххххх2068.

    8. Click "Add integration".

      Once the integration is set, it is possible to go to the review page in Google Play Console directly by clicking on the "Reply via Console" button from the Reply to Reviews page:


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