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The Zendesk Email Integration allows you to set up a basic integration to monitor customer feedback and reply to reviews directly from Zendesk tickets. For a more advanced integration, check out our article on the Zendesk App Integration.

đź’ˇ Learn more about the differences between the two different Zendesk integrations: Zendesk App and Zendesk Email Integration Comparison.

Set up the Zendesk Email Integration

  1. In AppFollow, open the "Integration List".
  2. Choose an app and click “Add new integration”.
  3. Find Zendesk in the list of integrations and click “Add integration”.
  4. Find your Zendesk email in your Zendesk account: Click Settings > Channels and find the Support Email Address (the email has the format: support@COMPANYNAME.zendesk.com)*
  5. Copy this email.
  6. Paste the email into the “Zendesk email” field in AppFollow/
  7. Choose which reviews you want to receive.
  8. Click “Add integration”.

You can also use your email in the format: support@COMPANYNAME.com instead of support@COMPANYNAME.zendesk.com. In this case, please make sure the "Notify requester of comment update" trigger is activated for the support@COMPANYNAME.com Zendesk account.

Whitelist AppFollow in Zendesk

Add the AppFollow email — “appfollow.io reviews@appfollow.io” (exactly like this, with a space) — to the Whitelist in your Zendesk settings:

  1. Open the Admin section in Zendesk.
  2. Scroll down to Settings > Customers.
  3. Paste â€śappfollow.io reviews@appfollow.io” into the Whitelist field.
  4. Click "Save".

Reply to Reviews From Zendesk

Now you will receive all your reviews as Zendesk tickets. All of them come from the email reviews@appfollow.io. To be able to reply to them, please connect your AppFollow account to App Store Connect or Google Play Console:

Here’s how your reviews will look like in Zendesk:

To reply to a review:

  • Click the link below the ticket to send your reply via AppFollow account
  • Reply to the ticket
  • Install our native Zendesk App Integration to get more information before posting a response.

Edit replies via Zendesk

To update/edit an existing reply, simply send another reply to the existing ticket with the review in question again. The latest reply will be sent to the store and replace the previous one. 

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